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Carnegie Mellon University supports donors in creating planned gifts, helping them leave a charitable legacy for both their family and the CMU community. Carnegie Mellon provides advisors like you with complimentary access to the Planned Giving Design Center. Designed for professional advisors, this comprehensive, fully searchable website provides an invaluable resource for anyone whose clients have an interest in charitable giving. Carnegie Mellon University works closely with the Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC) to make available a number of resources related to charitable giving and estate planning throughout the year.

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    posted on 20 Mar 2017 | Group News
    Ramayya Krishnan, dean of the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy, and the William W. and Ruth F. Cooper Professor of Management Science and Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon...
    posted on 20 Mar 2017 | Group News
    The Carnegie Mellon University Leadership and Negotiation Academy for Women has been recognized as the top program for continuing education in leadership and organizational development by's...
    posted on 2 Mar 2017 | Group News
    Two regional foundations created by the late Jack G. Buncher have given $5 million to support Carnegie Mellon University's School of Music in its College of Fine Arts. The gift is the largest in the...
    posted on 2 Mar 2017 | Group News
    Frank Brunckhorst, a member of Carnegie Mellon University's Board of Trustees, has given $10 million to support undergraduate student scholarships. The gift will support the Frank Brunckhorst...
    posted on 23 Feb 2017 | Group News
    Studies have suggested that married people are healthier than those who are single, divorced or widowed. A new Carnegie Mellon University study provides the first biological evidence to support that...

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Vision:  Carnegie Mellon will meet the changing needs of society by building on its traditions of innovation, problem solving, and interdisciplinarity.

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To create and disseminate knowledge and art through research and creative inquiry, teaching, and learning, and to transfer our intellectual and artistic product to enhance society in meaningful and sustainable ways.

To serve our students by teaching them problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills, and the value of a commitment to quality, ethical behavior, and respect for others.

To achieve these ends by pursuing the advantages of a diverse and relatively small university community, open to the exchange of ideas, where discovery, creativity, and personal and professional development can flourish.


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