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The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta strengthens our region by providing quality services to donors and innovative leadership on community issues.

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Features

    posted on 17 May 2016 | Group News
    Our Alicia Philipp speaks with 11Alive on the advantages that Dallas' light rail has brought forth to the revitalization of the city. She was chosen along with 100 other Atlanta leaders by the...
    posted on 10 May 2016 | Group News
    Sure, numbers and statistics are powerful when analyzing the overall impact that an organization has on its community, but nothing appeals to the senses and spirit of an individual more than a good...
    posted on 3 May 2016 | Group News
    We are excited to be partnering with the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the SaportaReport to engage metro Atlantans in the power of philanthropy.  Each week, The Community Foundation or the...
    posted on 2 May 2016 | Group News
    New online progile, Saporta Report, change the story donor event
    posted on 26 Apr 2016 | Group News
    "I'm not hearing the lament, 'why can't we be like other cities?' as much anymore, but before we see any significant forward progress in the Atlanta arts community, we have a tremendous amount of...

Other news from Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

    posted on 21 Apr 2016 | Group News
    The Philanthropic Advisor Leadership Institute (PALI) is a collaboration between the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and United Way of...
    posted on 19 Apr 2016 | Group News
    "An organization is more than its programs, leadership or fundraising strategy alone." Check out this week's SaportaReport, in which our Kristina Morris talks about how a nonprofit organization is so...
    posted on 19 Apr 2016 | Group News
    "Live with passion. Give with purpose. Empower individuals," said Crystal Edmonson of the Atlanta Business Chronicle. "Those are just some of the guiding principles of a local organization out to...
    posted on 12 Apr 2016 | Group News
    Congratulations to two of Atlanta's most admirable and devoted philanthropists - Chris M. Carlos and Lucy Carpenter Vance, who will be recognized at National Philanthropy Day in November. We are...
    posted on 5 Apr 2016 | Group News
    "Civic engagement is a real key issue for all of us. We, each and in different ways, need to have a mobilized and engaged citizenry across the region. I see hope in the future for us to be able to...

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We accomplish this mission through our four goals: engage philanthropists; strengthen our region's nonprofits; advance public will; and practice organizational excellence.



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