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Our mission: To inspire philanthropy, serve donors, strengthen communities now and for future generations.

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    posted on 30 Aug 2016 | Group News
    Congratulations to our friend and donor, Austin Ramirez, on the honor and opportunity!
    posted on 23 Aug 2016 | Group News
    As a community foundation, we have had a longstanding commitment to strengthening neighborhoods. We are listening as residents and partners in the community express both their challenges and hopes...
    posted on 11 Aug 2016 | Group News
    Our donor Richard Franz lost his daughter, Emily, to a car crash at age 24. Yet decades later, her life continues to have meaning and impact, thanks to the power of philanthropy. Click here for full...
    posted on 3 Aug 2016 | Group News
    We are pleased to support and partner with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin on a new five-year study that is dedicated to helping reduce the health risks and economic burden of asthma for community...
    posted on 27 Jul 2016 | Group News
    2015 was a historic year for many reasons: Not only did it mark 100 years since the Greater Milwaukee Foundation was created, but it also marked the largest grantmaking year in our history. Read more...

About Us

Our vision

Greater Milwaukee becomes a vibrant, economically thriving region comprised of welcoming and inclusive communities that provide opportunity, prosperity and a high quality of life for all.

Our values


This is at the heart of all we do. We demonstrate integrity through honesty, civility and respect. We respect each other and take pride in our work.


We provide exemplary service, nurturing relationships for generations and honoring commitments. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, accountability and fiduciary responsibility.


We partner with our vast network of donors, nonprofits and community leaders, developing effective strategies and mobilizing resources to strengthen communities and address persistent challenges.


We believe that all voices are vital to our region’s future. We promote equity and embrace the diversity of individuals, ideas and expressions. We are committed to learning from our partners and leading by example.


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