Greater Worcester Community Foundation

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation goes beyond making grants. The Foundation identifies and addresses our region’s current and emerging challenges. In collaboration with partners in our nonprofit, public and business sectors, we bring people and resources together to help our region meet pressing and long-term needs and prepare for the future.

Greater Worcester Community Foundation Features

    posted on 1 Dec 2017 | Group News
    The Foundation today announced it has granted $1,444,500 to 124 central Massachusetts nonprofits that address issues relating to civics, culture, the natural environment, early childhood well-being,...
    posted on 2 Nov 2017 | Group News
    Greater Worcester Community Foundation is seeking a Donor Services Associate to join their team. Under the guidance of the Director of Donor Services and the Scholarship Manager, the successful...
    posted on 6 Oct 2017 | Group News
    With all of the challenges and issues facing young people today, now more than ever we are proud to do our part to engage youth in the work of the Foundation. Entering its 18th year, the Foundation's...
    posted on 6 Oct 2017 | Group News
    The New England Nonprofit Consultant Directory  is complete and the new site has been launched! The directory is a free resource for nonprofits in New England and site has a new design...
    posted on 22 Sep 2017 | Group News
    The Foundation announced today the awarding of $8,595 from the Jeppson Memorial Fund that will help improve the lives of Brookfield residents through civic and community projects. The nonprofit...

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About Us

Ours is a citizen-run model of philanthropy dedicated to enhancing the community in perpetuity. 

In establishing the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, our founders sought to develop an organization that engaged Worcester County in its own betterment. This neighborly experiment built on self-reliance embraces and engages diverse sectors united in their vision of a better Worcester.

In our first 40 years, we’ve used the simple, accountable and flexible model of the community foundation to build an endowment of $140 million, raise $125 million and distribute $96 million in grants. Each year, we continue to grow our resources—knowledge, relationships and funds—and do more for our community.


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Greater Worcester Community Foundation
370 Main Street 650
Worcester, MA 01608
United States
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