Maine Community Foundation

A statewide organization with offices in Ellsworth and Portland, the Maine Community Foundation has been partnering with donors and nonprofits since 1983 to strengthen Maine communities.

Maine Community Foundation Features

    posted on 16 Sep 2014 | Group News
    George Shaw, chair of the Maine Community Foundation's Board of Directors, has announced that Meredith H. Jones will step down at the end of 2015 after 16 years of service, including seven as...
    posted on 14 Aug 2014 | Group News
    September 15 is the deadline for applications to six of the Maine Community Foundation's 18 competitive grant programs. Grants are available statewide for a range of projects related to LGBTQ...
    posted on 12 Aug 2014 | Group News
    A tour of Penobscot Bay, a hike in Western Maine, a street party in Belfast -- summer is a great time to expand our sense of place.
    posted on 12 Aug 2014 | Group News
    Whether it is a musical or a centuries-old Scots-Irish song, our lives are enriched by music -- even if we don't know the lyrics.
    posted on 12 Aug 2014 | Group News
    An Acadian Congress, a "popera" about a bridge, quilts as art, and a Depression-era Hamlet are enriching Maine's culture and its communities this summer. Here's a look at ...

Other news from Maine Community Foundation

    posted on 15 Jul 2014 | Group News
    If poverty is not being solved, do we stop trying? And what's the role of private charity in tackling this complex problem?
    posted on 15 Jul 2014 | Group News
    Why are wealthy donors reluctant to make large gifts to support social services?
    posted on 23 Jun 2014 | Group News
    What does "downtown" mean to you? The answer may depend on your decade: department store shopping, Petula Clark, or even vacant buildings. Many organizations across the state, including...
    posted on 17 Jun 2014 | Group News
    A StoryCorps interview with Jay Espy, executive director of the Sewall Foundation, leads to reflections on philanthropy, the future of Maine -- and a life in radio.
    posted on 3 Jun 2014 | Group News
    A jog through Belfast, while torture, offers time to consider community -- and wonder where to find and support Maine's future leaders.

About Us

The Maine Community Foundation serves thousands of people who share a common mission: improving the quality of life in our state.

Individuals, families, businesses and organizations create charitable funds that help Maine meet the challenges of changing times. Today, the foundation's assets of more than $250 million are held in stewardship for more than 1,200 funds.

Maine Community Foundation grants cover the full range of nonprofit undertakings, with a special focus in the areas of education, the environment, arts and humanities, and social and community services.

Since opening its doors in 1983, the foundation has awarded more than $140 million in grants and scholarships.

The Maine Community Foundation depends on volunteers to help review grants and build philanthropic resources. In 1986 the community foundation established the first three county funds to help with grantmaking in more rural regions of the state. These county funds, now numbering 12, are a highly effective way to build community capacity.

For more than 27 years, the Maine Community Foundation has been a leader in philanthropy in Maine. We will continue to play that role ever more vigorously in the future.

Resources for Donors

The Maine Community Foundation is one of the leading charitable resources for donors seeking to provide long-term support to strengthen Maine communities.

Known for its innovative grant program, financial strength, and prudent investment strategies, the Maine Community Foundation is a public charity incorporated in Maine and governed by a statewide volunteer Board of Directors.

A professional staff works in three program areas: grantmaking and program initiatives; resource development and philanthropic services; and finance and investments.

The community foundation offers a variety of fund options to meet the diverse goals of individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

As a nonprofit public foundation the Maine Community Foundation offers donors flexibility in fulfilling their charitable goals, and provides permanent, professional management and investment of charitable funds without the expense or effort of establishing and administering a private foundation or estate trust.

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