Memorial Medical Center Foundation

To provide “that extra measure of care” for patients served at the not-for-profit Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California, through philanthropic gifts and grants for health care education, clinical research, medical equipment and patient care programs.

Memorial Medical Center Foundation Features

    posted on 27 Sep 2016 | Group News
    Over the past several years, Memorial Medical Center Foundation has graciously hosted your local PGDC site. Our hosts around the country pay to host the PGDC in their region so you receive all of the...
    posted on 20 Apr 2016 | Group News
    The Torch Run is an Olympic-style relay for patients and their loved ones to remember those who are gone and celebrate those who are still fighting childhood cancer. Each patient holds a torch as...
    posted on 23 Mar 2016 | Group News
    Calling all riders! The Tour of Long Beach is coming May 14. This charity ride benefits pediatric cancer programs at Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach. Use coupon code TOLBFB2016....
    posted on 17 Jul 2012 | Group News
     The Charitable Alternative newsletter is published by the Memorial Medical Center Foundation to assist the community’s financial planners in advising their clients about the tax benefits...

About Us

In the beginning, there was philanthropy. In 1907, four physicians and four Long Beach citizens established Seaside Hospital, the predecessor to Long Beach Memorial. In 1960, the hospital moved to its present location and has grown into a large medical campus stretching from Atlantic Avenue to Long Beach Boulevard.

Philanthropy continued to make a difference. The dream of a children’s hospital for the Long Beach area became a reality when the doors of the Earl B. and Loraine H. Miller Children’s Hospital opened in 1970. Over the years, philanthropy has played an important role in the support of almost every center of excellence at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s.

In 1961, Memorial Medical Center Foundation (MMCF) was established, enabling individuals, corporations, and foundations to support the medical center with philanthropic gifts in traditional ways—and added a then very innovative hospital related Charitable Gift Planning Program. The charitable gift planning experts provide assistance for individuals and their financial advisors to do tax-wise planning through the creation of lifetime income through charitable trusts and annuities and leave a legacy for future generations.


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Memorial Medical Center Foundation
2801 Atlantic Avenue P.O. Box 1428
Long Beach, CA 90801
United States
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