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Welcome to the Planned Giving Design Center, your single source for planned giving information. We have invented the PGDC website so that no matter what your discipline, whether you are from the nonprofit or the for-profit world, you will find everything you need to enable you to completely understand and facilitate any planned giving strategy.

The Planned Giving Design Center has been born out of needa need to connect all disciplines involved in the life of a planned gift. It will connect more people, share more information, facilitate more collaboration, and reduce technology and marketing costs across the industry. It's designed to be the common thread that brings all members of the gift planning community together.

Executive Summary

The PGDC platform creates an environment of collaboration and community and features that include:

  • regular tax updates
  • communities of interest
  • current articles and statistics about giving
  • online, real time calculators for every charitable giving tool
  • case studies
  • regular webinars and educational events

and, most importantly,

  • the ability to share your mission, programs, products, and services with the entire PGDC network.

This paper has been written to enable you to quickly understand the Planned Giving Design Center and the benefits it brings you and your for-profit or nonprofit organization in the areas of technology and marketing to all parties to the planned giving process.

The PGDC reduces your marketing and technology costs dramatically by giving you a vast array of content and communication capabilitiesall without the expense associated with development, the use of multiple vendors, or the need for your own servers or hosting. 

The PGDC increases your organization's exposure significantly by placing you inside the largest body of content on the subject of charitable gift and estate planning and by giving you to the opportunity to share information and create visibility with over 40,000 people from all disciplines across the entire PGDC network. 

Simply follow the "Enhanced Mission" link below to learn more about PGDC Groups, Enterprise Groups, and Certified Publishing Groups and how they can help you enhance the relationships that are important for your success. Then please contact me at your earliest convenience with your questions and to schedule a brief online demonstration. 


Lee Hoffman


Nancy Fisher
Director of Client Services
Office: 704-698-4055

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