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This article explores the notion of bringing a family business's family values and traditions regarding religion and forgiveness into their everyday lives to create healing when family business differences have broken or severed family relationships. The...

23 Jun 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Interesting things happening in the world of giving as found on the Web. Congress and the IRS both making waves.
Author Charles Rounds explores recent developments regarding Crummey powers and proper actions for trustees.

PGDC is pleased to welcome Russell James III as a contirbuting author.


We are pleased to begin our journey through Dr. Russell James III, Visual Planned Giving.

14 Jun 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
The news from the web this week is upbeat. Giving has recovered from its slump!

Visual Planned Giving

An Introduction to the Law & Taxation of
Charitable Gift Planning



Richard Fox provides a thorough view of the self-dealing rules by analyzing two recent Private Letter Rulings.

4 Jun 2015 | Values-Based | National Publication, Thomas M. Hubler | Article | 2 comments
A family business advisor shares his personal story

Author Tom Hubler continues his exploration of emotions in business, this time examining "Gratitude".

The Core Polarity in the Trustscape: Balancing the Trust Creator's Wishes and the Needs of the Beneficiaries
Dan Felix continues his exploration of "polarity thinking" as it applies to trusts. This installment discusses the need to balance the beneficiaries' needs with the grantor's wishes.
3 Jun 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Harvard gets $400 million while Donor Advised Funds continue to grow rapidly. Varied news from around the world of philanthropy.
3 Jun 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
The news from around the web this week is focused on identifying and understanding the donor; their interests and motivations.
28 May 2015 | Revenue Rulings | National Publication | News story

For purposes of determining the present value of an annuity, an interest for life or a term of years, or a remainder or a reversionary interest, the applicable federal rate under section 7520 for June 2015 is 2.0%; Up from last month's rate of 1.8%.

A Brief Introduction to Polarity Thinking
Contributing author Dan Felix broaches the new topic of Polarity Thinking and applies it to the trust environment. As you'll see, it will certainly open the eyes of charitable trustees as well.
Contributing author Bruce DeBoskey provides a clear understanding of why donors donors cease funding various organizations. Charities must be prepared for the inevitable transitions that impact their funding and rise up to meet the challenges they face...
Doing the right thing for charitable clients does not have to kill your business model
Steve Meyers once again causes advisors to rethink their overall approach to working with families interested in philanthropy. Shifting the paradigm that is in definite need of a shift.
21 May 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Really good news for charities released in recent study and more from around the web.
Richard Fox explores recent cases to clarify our understanding of the deductibility of the donation of various types of easements.
Tom Hubler continues his fascinating series on emotions in the family business by focusing on gratitude.
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7520 Rates: June 2.0% May 1.8% April 2.0%

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