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PGDC is pleased to welcome Rodney C. Zeeb as a contributing author.

20 Apr 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
News from around the web this week is rich with interesting items. Follow along...
8 Apr 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
A mixed bag of news from the web this week, from the coming "golden age of philanthropy" to the government's attempt to dampen philanthropy, we reveal all sides of the issue.
1 Apr 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
More celebrities making news. Some good, some....

Orlando - Presented by Purposeful Planning Institute, the first Fusion Collaboration took place March 19-20 in Orlando.

30 Mar 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
IRS seems to dominate the news with a few celebrities sneaking in.
27 Mar 2015 | General | PGDC Network | News story

Conferences and Events that should be interesting to our readers.

24 Mar 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Bad results on several fronts. Bad planning and a charity goes astray.
16 Mar 2015 | General | National Publication | News story

And still more taxes...


The Internal Revenue Service reminded taxpayers planning to claim charitable donations to make sure they have the records they need before filing their 2014 tax returns.


My recent journey to the Gathering in Del Mar, California provided me with some interesting and optimistic insights into the current state of estate and wealth transfer planning.

9 Mar 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
A quiet week on the web but still good information.
8 Mar 2015 | General | National Publication | Article

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I’m proud to announce that the Planned Giving Design Center’s editor in chief, Randy Fox,  has been selected by his peers as the recipient of The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy’s 2015 Scott Fithian award for his...

16 Feb 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Interesting insights into donors and new hope for a permanent IRA rollover.

I have the opportunity to break new ground as Editor in Chief for The Planned Giving Design Center. In late March (19-20), I'll be attending and reporting from the...

4 Feb 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Odds and Ends provide interesting insights into the world of philanthropy.

From February 25th-27th of this year, I'll be attending and speaking at the Laureate Circle Gathering  in San Diego, CA. This is the eleventh year for the Gathering and because there is a...

28 Jan 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Fascinating happenings from around the world of giving this week.
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