An Important Part of Client Services

An Important Part of Client Services

Article posted in on 25 October 2011| comments
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For high-net-worth individuals with substantial charitable commitments, managing their giving is a key part of their financial strategy.  Betsy Brill, president of Strategic Philanthropy, advisor on best practices for charity planning.

By Betsy Brill, President, Strategic Philanthropy

Working with high-net-worth clients on charitable planning presents a tremendous business opportunity for advisors.  In fact, a 2010 Merrill-Lynch CapGemini report indicatied a rising demand for philathropy-related advisory services among high-net-worth individuals, who increasingly view philanthropic planning as inextricably linked to their borader wealth management intiatives.

Most clients want to protect their charitable intent while maximizing the impact of their giving.  Advisors can address such issues by encouraging clients to conduct thorough research on each of their gift recipients.  Prudetn due diligtence is especially important as the non-profit sector grapples with economic fallout, government funding cuts and the stain fo recent high-profile scandals.

By followiing the best practices outlines below, donors - and their advisors - can fell confident that they are investing in organizations that are effectively governed, transparent, acountable, fiscally responsible and aligned with their core values.

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