Bulk operations
10 Feb 2016 | Values-Based | National Publication | Article | 1 comments
Josh Patrick advocates for passing on more than the familys financial assets. Profound thinking and advice.
Author Bryan Clontz analyzes the technicalities of the interface between charitable givers and receivers. Part one of his two part series focuses on the estate planning process and some helpful pointers on how to smooth the gift transition after the death of a...

The new PATH amendment finally makes permanent, very favorable rules on Conservation Easements. Time to get the word out.


Finally the IRS has provided definitive guidance on the early termination of CRTs that removes the valuation guesswork.

4 Jan 2016 | Compliance | National Publication, Richard L. Fox, Esq. | Article | 6 comments

Richard Fox explores a recent case, Green vs. US, which opens up some interesting planning opportunities

I interview Kimm Dodaro of the Walter Joseph Group, LLC on the gifting of real estate assets.
Charles Rounds takes us deep into a case which appears to change the way we need to look at IRA accounts.
An unusual and effective look at the tried and true life estate agreement.
The big tribute to good fortune offers a chance to reflect on the growing divide between the haves and have-nots

Bruce DeBoskey provokes our thinking about Thanksgiving, challenging us to quiet introspection about ourselves and those less fortunate.

Family discussions, both systematic and spontaneous, can help achieve clarity and competence in carrying out the wishes in a trust.

Talking can lead to clarity -- clarity about what we want, what we expect, and what's happening. And it can shed light for gaining consensus as well as the necessary competence.

In Dan Felix's...

On-Boarding the Trustee
Dan Felix wraps up his series on Successful Trust Administration. Part 3 brings us useful waypoints for onboarding the trustee.
David Wheeler Newman provides a complete and thorough treatise on gifts of real property.

Charles Rounds takes a new direction, exploring the Hungarian Fiduciary Asset Management Trust. Charles' breadth of knowledge never ceases to amaze.

Foundation in Family Dynamics
Dan Felix bring us part 2 of his series on Successful Trust Administration. Dan always raises interesting questions about things most of us have never considered.
What is Successful Administration? and Legal Considerations
Contributing author Dan Felix begins a new three part series on successful trust administration. Part I sets the stage by reviewing the various components that contribute to the successful operation of a trust.

Author Richard Fox explores the implications of a recent Tax Court Case, Estate of Schaefer, on the calculation of the 10% Remainder Interest qualification necessary when establishing Charitable Remainder Trusts.


Attorney Jane Peebles continues her examination of Lead Trusts.

New contributing author Jane Peebles brings us the first of three articles on Charitable Lead Trusts.
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