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Sometimes, combining planned gifts can have tremendous benefits, especially when the donor really doesn't give up much at all.

This interview with Johnne Syverson explores the current state of the gift annuity marketplace and the surprisingly small number of charities that currently offer them. Is there a better solution for charities?
Author Dan Rice explores and interesting Testamentary Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (TCLAT) strategy meant to relieve beneficiary angst by resolving the issues surrounding the long delayed inheritance.
16 Mar 2016 | Foundations | National Publication, Richard L. Fox, Esq. | Article | 3 comments
Much has been written about the gift made by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr Priscilla Chan. A lot of it has been critical. Author Richard Fox contributes a revealing article that thoroughly analyzes much of the reasoning behind this structure.
George A. Huggins and the Conference on Annuities, 1927-1959

Ron Brown discovers surprising historical relationships among life insurance, pensions, and gift annuities in his latest essay. Why did gift annuity contracts aim to provide 70% for charitable services, and just 30% to finance life annuity payments?

New author, Dan Rice presents an interesting spin on the Charitable Lead Trusts.
George A. Huggins and the Conference on Annuities, 1927-1959
Ron Brown continues his in depth exploration of Gift Annuity history discussing the abuses in the American life insurance industry, regulatory reforms by New York State, and how today's design of planned gift programs was shaped by public policy...
George A. Huggins and the Conference on Annuities, 1927-1959

We continue Ron Brown's exhaustive research on the history of Gift Annuities, now deciphering how the calculations were derived.


The new PATH amendment finally makes permanent, very favorable rules on Conservation Easements. Time to get the word out.


Finally the IRS has provided definitive guidance on the early termination of CRTs that removes the valuation guesswork.

An unusual and effective look at the tried and true life estate agreement.

Author Richard Fox explores the implications of a recent Tax Court Case, Estate of Schaefer, on the calculation of the 10% Remainder Interest qualification necessary when establishing Charitable Remainder Trusts.


Attorney Jane Peebles continues her examination of Lead Trusts.

New contributing author Jane Peebles brings us the first of three articles on Charitable Lead Trusts.

Charles rounds asks a provocative question about the very nature of trusts.

Part 4 of Calculating Gifts: George A. Huggins and the Conferences on Annuities, 1927-1959
Contributing author Ron Brown continues with part 4 of his exploration of the history of gift annuities.
Author Charles Rounds explores recent developments regarding Crummey powers and proper actions for trustees.
24 Mar 2015 | Pooled Income Fund | National Publication | Article | 4 comments

Pooled Income Funds (PIF) have been around for a long time and, until recently, fallen out of favor. Perhaps because interest and dividend rates have been at historical lows for several years and because most PIFs were established some years ago, the combination of...

5 Mar 2015 | Charitable Remainder Trust | National Publication | Article | 7 comments

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts are sometimes difficult to explain to clients. There are a lot of options. But not if you have the right FREE tool. Read and download the tool now.

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