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Contributing author Bruce DeBoskey provides a clear understanding of why donors donors cease funding various organizations. Charities must be prepared for the inevitable transitions that impact their funding and rise up to meet the challenges they face...
Doing the right thing for charitable clients does not have to kill your business model
Steve Meyers once again causes advisors to rethink their overall approach to working with families interested in philanthropy. Shifting the paradigm that is in definite need of a shift.
21 May 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Really good news for charities released in recent study and more from around the web.
Richard Fox explores recent cases to clarify our understanding of the deductibility of the donation of various types of easements.
Tom Hubler continues his fascinating series on emotions in the family business by focusing on gratitude.
12 May 2015 | General | National Publication | News story

The web has not delivered much startling news lately but still there is plenty to think about.

Tom Hubler continues his series on emotions in family business, by focusing on compassion.
Bryan Clontz wraps up his three part series on disaster relief by offering charities steps to enable them to respond more quickly and capably whenever tragedy strikes.
5 May 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
Interesting odds and ends this week, including a new survey of wealth holders and their philanthropic intent.
30 Apr 2015 | Revenue Rulings | National Publication | News story

For purposes of determining the present value of an annuity, an interest for life or a term of years, or a remainder or a reversionary interest, the applicable federal rate under section 7520 for May 2015 is 1.8%; Down a tic from last month's rate.

28 Apr 2015 | National Publication, Thomas M. Hubler | Article

PGDC is pleased to welcome Thomas M. Hubler as a contributing author.


Thomas Hubler discusses how forgiveness can better your family business and our world.

Contributing author Bryan Clontz continues his examination of disaster relief funding, this time focusing on post-terrorism relief organizations.
22 Apr 2015 | General | National Publication | News story

A variety of interesting stories from around the web this week.


PGDC is pleased to welcome Rodney C. Zeeb as a contributing author.

Randy Fox interviews Rod Zeeb
Rod Zeeb previews his Advisors in Philanthropy talk on how to "create" philanthropists within the family by offering a new and different conversation about giving.
Bryan Clontz presents a compelling analysis of disaster relief giving and presents some best practices for charities to consider for the future.
20 Apr 2015 | General | National Publication | News story
News from around the web this week is rich with interesting items. Follow along...
More and more, donors are seeking to align their investing values with their giving intent. Contributing author Bruce DeBoskey explores the merits and methods of impact investing.

In this interview with Gary Shunk, we discuss the power of forgiveness and how forgiveness allows individuals and families to move forward with their philanthropy and with their lives.

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