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    posted on 9 Aug 2017 | Article
    We continue through Charitable Gifts of Noncash Assets with the definitions of basic terminology which many of us take for granted. Clarity and understanding of language is vital to understand.
    posted on 8 Aug 2017 | Article
    As we parse through the Almanac of American Giving, we explore philanthropy's profound impact on medicine.
    posted on 8 Aug 2017 | Article
    The marriage of retirement planning and philanthropy is the subject of this "Opportunity Recognition" excerpt.
    posted on 2 Aug 2017 | News story
    Intriguing insights showing up in many web news items.
    posted on 2 Aug 2017 | Article
    Gifts of noncash assets are different. They require a specific process to evaluate and understand. This explores the necessary steps and terminology to begin the exploration of accepting a noncash...

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    posted on 2 Aug 2017 | Article
    Clients with excess cash flow and unnecessary income taxes present an intriguing opportunity for philanthropic planners. Identifying the sources of the excess income and reallocating those assets to...
    posted on 27 Jul 2017 | News story
    For purposes of determining the present value of an annuity, an interest for life or a term of years, or a remainder or a reversionary interest, the applicable federal rate under section 7520 for...
    posted on 26 Jul 2017 | Article | 1 comments
    This section of the Almanac focuses on famous givers in US history. Surprising and compelling stories abound.  
    posted on 26 Jul 2017 | Article
    Bryan Clontz continues his exploration into great questions to ask donors.
    posted on 25 Jul 2017 | Article
    Gifts of life insurance are examined in the continuing series of spotting opportunities for giving.
7520 Rates: August 2.4% July 2.2% June 2.4%

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