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    posted on 9 Sep 2014 | Article
    In Part 4 of his series, Steve Meyers explains the concept of "umbrella" gift agreements and virtual endowments and demonstrates the applicability to various age groups.
    posted on 9 Sep 2014 | Article
    Following Part I of Immediate Annuities and Gift Planning, 10 case studies are presented below to illustrate how immediate annuities can provide solutions in unique charitable planning scenarios.
    posted on 9 Sep 2014 | News story
    Donor Advised Funds in the News: Good or Bad? Here's both sides.
    posted on 9 Sep 2014 | News story
    In this PLR the IRS offers clarification on a number of private foundation issues: excess business holdings; UBTI; and self-dealing. Interesting facts and circumstances lead to a very favorable...
    posted on 5 Sep 2014 | Article
    The Charitable IRA has been a popular, albeit elusive planning tool. Nothing has changed currently. The option has still not been renewed by the IRS and uncertainty remains as to whether it will be....

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    posted on 3 Sep 2014 | Article | 1 comments
    PGDC is pleased to welcome Bryan Clontz, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, CAP, AEP as a contributing author.
    posted on 3 Sep 2014 | Article
    Some trusts demand the service of a professional -- like blended families. On the other hand, some trusts can be excellent opportunities for family members to serve. But how to determine whether a...
    posted on 3 Sep 2014 | Article
    In Part 3 of his series, Steven Meyers examines the idea of identifying the perfect gift in the context of each of the four donor identities.
    posted on 3 Sep 2014 | Article | 2 comments
    In Part One of a two part series, annuity expert Bryan Clontz gives a brief education on commercial annuities and charitable gift annuities and provides a comparison of the income tax, cash flow and...
    posted on 28 Aug 2014 | News story
    Donor Advised Funds make it to Forbes while we conclude the series on Storytelling.
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