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    posted on 14 Apr 2015 | Article | 1 comments
    In this interview with Gary Shunk, we discuss the power of forgiveness and how forgiveness allows individuals and families to move forward with their philanthropy and with their lives.
    posted on 8 Apr 2015 | News story
    A mixed bag of news from the web this week, from the coming "golden age of philanthropy" to the government's attempt to dampen philanthropy, we reveal all sides of the issue.
    posted on 7 Apr 2015 | Article
    Combining Barbara Hauser's legal background and Gary Shunk's family facilitation experience yields an insightful article into the privileged family. Dealing with issues of entitlement and childrens'...
    posted on 6 Apr 2015 | Article
    PGDC contributing author Steve Meyers has crystallized his game changing thinking into a user friendly manual for an entire new way of thinking about philanthropy.
    posted on 1 Apr 2015 | News story
    More celebrities making news. Some good, some....
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