Bulk operations

An interesting confluence of CRT and ESOP presented by Richard Fox.


Dennis Walsh examines the challenging subject of gifts of intellectual property.


Charitable expert Sue McEntee brings an interesting viewpoint to light, succession planning for charities.


Recently, Randy Fox was interviewed on "Exit Coach Radio". This discussion with host Steve Beatty discusses the "charitable stock bailout" plan.


Contributing author Bryan Clontz takes a closer look at the non financial benefits of philanthropy and provides insight into an approach that advisors should consider when discussing philanthropy with their clients.

4 Dec 2014 | General | National Publication | Article

Author Deborah Goldstein recently spoke to the students of Santa Catalina School about philanthropy and values. Read her summary of events.


New contributing author Deborah Goldstein challenges us to elevate our giving during the holiday season and to think about its impact on others and ourselves.

20 Nov 2014 | General | National Publication | Article

Let's put the "giving" back into Thanksgiving!


California has recently passed new legislation that removes some of the onerous tax consequences caused by UBTI in Charitable Remainder Trusts.


I was motivated to reach out to Mike Norton after listening to the book he recently co-authored with Elizabeth Dunn,...


Contributing author Bryan Clontz explores the implications of gifts of  Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

Part 2: Gift Annuities on the Brink

Part 1 of this series tells of an emergency Conference on Annuities convened on April 29, 1927 to address a looming crisis: too many charitable organizations...


In this fascinating article, new author Bruce DeBoskey delves into the issues of family legacy and the inter-generational transfer of values.


Who will serve as the trustee, whether now or after you are unable to yourself?

A prudent approach to choosing may well consider: Which trustee has the attributes best suited to meet your needs?

21 Oct 2014 | General | National Publication, Two Hawks Consulting, LLC | Article | 1 comments

I was privileged to know Marc Hoffman for a number of years. He was astute, insightful, articulate and talented. He helped mold the Planned Giving Design Center into what it is today. His untimely passing is indeed a tragedy that touches many, including the...

It's more common than you think and not a practice of just the ultrawealthy

Randy Fox interviews Gary Shunk in CEG Elite Advisor. This article discusses introducing an independent facilitator to the family retreat process.


While a pet may be put into a trust, its human owner may not be. Nor under traditional principles of property and trust law may the corpse of a deceased human being be made the subject of a trust. Charles E. Rounds, Jr., co-author of Loring and Rounds: A Trustee...

Randy Fox interviews Gary Shunk

In this first in a series, Randy Fox interviews Gary Shunk of Family Wealth Dynamics about how family communications often stall the philanthropic process and explores methodologies to resolve these issues.

Parables for Radically Rethinking Your Philanthropy

In the final section of the series Steven Meyers continues on the path of personalized philanthropy and asks us to consider its impact and effectiveness. He clearly raises our awareness and sharpens our thinking with this interesting paradigm.

22 Sep 2014 | General | National Publication | News story | 1 comments

We are pleased to announce Randy A. Fox has accepted the position as Editor-in-Chief of the Planned Giving Design Center and we could not be more pleased. Randy brings a long history of acheivements in planned giving with him, having been personally involved in over...

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