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We begin professor Russell James's explanation of the taxation of gift annuities.

The new PATH amendment finally makes permanent, very favorable rules on Conservation Easements. Time to get the word out.


Finally the IRS has provided definitive guidance on the early termination of CRTs that removes the valuation guesswork.


Author Bruce DeBoskey looks ahead and gives predictions of six dynamic trends that will shape the future of giving.


Dennis Walsh brings us up to date on the status of proposed reporting and accounting requirements for non profits. A must read for all and a call to action to help shape the future of the sector.


Russell James concludes his section on Charitable Gift Annuities.

Richard Fox explains the recent IRS retreat from the contemporaneous filing requirement of donations in excess of $250.00 and we're all relieved.
Dennis Walsh analyzes a recent report and findings on the 1023 EZ, and it isn't good news.

Russell James continues with part two of Charitable Gift Annuities.

4 Jan 2016 | Compliance | National Publication, Richard L. Fox, Esq. | Article | 4 comments

Richard Fox explores a recent case, Green vs. US, which opens up some interesting planning opportunities


Author Bruce DeBoskey highlights the surge in corporate giving.


Part one of charitable gift annuities from Russell James.


Russell James concludes his chapter on Bargain Sales.

I interview Kimm Dodaro of the Walter Joseph Group, LLC on the gifting of real estate assets.

Dr. Russell James continues with Part 1 of Bargain Sales, a cornerstone of many planned gifts.

Charles Rounds takes us deep into a case which appears to change the way we need to look at IRA accounts.
An unusual and effective look at the tried and true life estate agreement.
Russell James completes his chapter on income tax limitations for charitable deductions.
The big tribute to good fortune offers a chance to reflect on the growing divide between the haves and have-nots

Bruce DeBoskey provokes our thinking about Thanksgiving, challenging us to quiet introspection about ourselves and those less fortunate.

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