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Finding lost or missing heirs is an important task. This interview with the head of provides useful tips for professionals and helps tell the pros from the cons.


Russell James heads into a new category, gifts of partial interests, beginning with retained life estates.


The Planned Giving Design Center is pleased to welcome new contributing author Anthony Glomski, Principal and Founder of AG Asset Advisory, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm.


New author Anthony Glomski makes us aware that there's a new category for giving, that of giving by the tech entrepreneur and that their approaches need to be considered quite differently.


Russell James completes his detailed section on gifts of partial interests.

Randy Fox interviews John A. Warnick about the upcoming Fusion Collaboration in Colorado.
Author Bruce DeBoskey outlines the primary motivations for giving, helping us understand ourselves and our donors better.
Finding the right cause and writing a check is just the beginning. Planned Giving 2.0 takes a long-term holistic approach
As life expectancy continues to increase, planners need to re-think how they plan life income gifts for their donors. Using the mortality tables that the IRS allows may not be enough to keep your donors gift safe.

In support of the Improving Financial Awareness & Financial Literacy Movement & Campaign built around National Financial Literacy Month (April) and six months later during National Estate Planning Awareness Week (3rd week in October) the following...

We continue a thorough examination of gifts of partial interests with details about undivided interests.
Russell James begins his exploration of gifts of partial interests, a much broader topic than most gift planners realize.
Author Bruce DeBoskey provides valuable insights into family conversations about values and philanthropy.

The Planned Giving Design Center is pleased to welcome new contributing author Rick Pendykoski.


New author, Rick Pendykoski, examines the various gift opportunities with individual retirement accounts.

Author Dan Rice explores and interesting Testamentary Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (TCLAT) strategy meant to relieve beneficiary angst by resolving the issues surrounding the long delayed inheritance.
16 Mar 2016 | Foundations | National Publication, Richard L. Fox, Esq. | Article | 3 comments
Much has been written about the gift made by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr Priscilla Chan. A lot of it has been critical. Author Richard Fox contributes a revealing article that thoroughly analyzes much of the reasoning behind this structure.
Russell James concludes his comprehensive chapter on the taxation of gift annuities.
George A. Huggins and the Conference on Annuities, 1927-1959

Ron Brown discovers surprising historical relationships among life insurance, pensions, and gift annuities in his latest essay. Why did gift annuity contracts aim to provide 70% for charitable services, and just 30% to finance life annuity payments?


The Planned Giving Design Center is pleased to welcome new contributing author Dan Rice, Philanthropic Architect.

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