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A recent court case holds in favor of a non-profit's rights to keep the names of donors private under the First Amendment.

We begin the exploration of gifts of life insurance with Russell James.


An interview on gifts of tangible personal property with art expert Laurence Zale.

We conclude the exploration of Charitable Lead Trusts by reviewing Grantor Lead Trusts.
An interesting and perplexing case emerges from U. S. Tax Court and author Richard Fox provides cogent analysis.
We dive deeper into Charitable Lead Trusts with part 2 of Russell James' exploration and analysis.
Planning for high net worth clients should include professional collaboration; adding philanthropic planning makes collaboration a necessity. Understanding what true collaboration is and how it works is not well understood. This series of conversations is meant to...
We begin our examination of Charitable Lead Trusts with Part 1 of 3 with Russell James.

 Bruce DeBoskey, examines the recent IRS Notice that allows foundations more latitude in mission related investing.

We conclude the deep dive into charitable remainder trusts by exploring the variations available and their applications.

Russell James continues part three on charitable remainder trusts.

This interview with Johnne Syverson explores the current state of the gift annuity marketplace and the surprisingly small number of charities that currently offer them. Is there a better solution for charities?
We continue our deep dive into Charitable Remainder Trusts with Russell James.

In this article, author Bruce DeBoskey recommends that the integration of philanthropy into the estate plan should be much more than a financial and tax transaction. In fact, he suggests that the possibility for true family transformation exists with the right...


Russell begins his deep dive into one of our most important tools, the charitable remainder trust.


For years, both the capital gains tax and the estate tax have been referred to as the "Voluntary Taxes." Donors are counseled how to avoid or reduce either of these taxes, by making charitable gifts or by creating planned gift vehicles.  Dan Rice's recent...


Russell James continues on life estates, an under-utilized strategy.


Finding lost or missing heirs is an important task. This interview with the head of provides useful tips for professionals and helps tell the pros from the cons.


Russell James heads into a new category, gifts of partial interests, beginning with retained life estates.


The Planned Giving Design Center is pleased to welcome new contributing author Anthony Glomski, Principal and Founder of AG Asset Advisory, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm.

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