Bulk operations
11 Nov 2015 | Compliance | National Publication, Richard L. Fox, Esq. | Article | 3 comments
What happens to your gift when the charity goes bust? That's the question that Richard Fox examines based on several recent cases.
Russell James continues on with his explanation on the income tax deduction limitations of charitable gifts.
Family discussions, both systematic and spontaneous, can help achieve clarity and competence in carrying out the wishes in a trust.

Talking can lead to clarity -- clarity about what we want, what we expect, and what's happening. And it can shed light for gaining consensus as well as the necessary competence.

In Dan Felix's...

We continue with Russell James and the first section of his chapter on deduction limitations.

Richard Fox examines a recent IRS notice which favorably impacts the ability of Private Foundations to make mission related investments.

Josh Patrick and Randy Fox discuss exit planning for business owners utilizing charitable strategies. Their discussion also delves into philanthropy in the family of the business owner.
Russell James completes Chapter 5 on Valuing Gifts of Charitable Property

Don't miss the chance to learn about the founding events of American gift planning!  If you come to the National Conference on Philanthropic Planning (NCPP) in Orlando, please attend my Summit Track session.  See the outline below, to be accompanied with...


There are more than 1 million nonprofits in the United States, and more than 70% of these entities receive annual support of less than $200,000.  Philanthropic advisors play an important role in guiding these volunteer-driven nonprofits in the performance of...


Bruce DeBoskey faces down and de-mystifies the controversial subject of charity overhead.

We continue into chapter five of "Visual Planned Giving" by beginning the exploration of the valuation of gifts.
On-Boarding the Trustee
Dan Felix wraps up his series on Successful Trust Administration. Part 3 brings us useful waypoints for onboarding the trustee.
29 Sep 2015 | Real Property | National Publication, David Wheeler Newman | Article | 1 comments
David Wheeler Newman provides a complete and thorough treatise on gifts of real property.

Charles Rounds takes a new direction, exploring the Hungarian Fiduciary Asset Management Trust. Charles' breadth of knowledge never ceases to amaze.

Foundation in Family Dynamics
Dan Felix bring us part 2 of his series on Successful Trust Administration. Dan always raises interesting questions about things most of us have never considered.
What is Successful Administration? and Legal Considerations
Contributing author Dan Felix begins a new three part series on successful trust administration. Part I sets the stage by reviewing the various components that contribute to the successful operation of a trust.
We continue through "Visual Planned Giving" with Professor Russell James, by exploring proper gift documentation.

Author Richard Fox explores the implications of a recent Tax Court Case, Estate of Schaefer, on the calculation of the 10% Remainder Interest qualification necessary when establishing Charitable Remainder Trusts.

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