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We continue with Russell James guiding us through the elements of timing of gifts.
We continue our journey through Visual Planned Giving, now visiting Part 1 of charitable income tax deductions.
We wrap up Dr. James' simple introduction to taxes in this continuation of his book.
A Few Other Regularly Appearing Polarities in the Trustscape
Part 4 of Dan Felix's Polarity thinking series takes us to less common but important occurences of the subject at hand.

We continue With Russell James "Visual Planned Giving" with the first part of his Introduction to Taxes.


Contributing author Bruce DeBoskey reflects back on his past five years of writing to highlight his estimation of "best practices" in planned giving.

Part 4 of Calculating Gifts: George A. Huggins and the Conferences on Annuities, 1927-1959
Contributing author Ron Brown continues with part 4 of his exploration of the history of gift annuities.
Tom Hubler continues and completes his discussion on forgiveness in family business.
We continue with part 2 of the Introduction to Visual Planned Giving by contributing author Russell James III.
Contributing author Bruce DeBoskey shares his recent interview with former president Bill Clinton.
23 Jun 2015 | Values-Based | National Publication, Thomas M. Hubler | Article | 1 comments
Tom Hubler continues his examination on emotions in family businesses. His thoughts on forgiveness continue here.
Author Charles Rounds explores recent developments regarding Crummey powers and proper actions for trustees.

PGDC is pleased to welcome Russell James III as a contributing author.


We are pleased to begin our journey through Dr. Russell James III, Visual Planned Giving.


Richard Fox provides a thorough view of the self-dealing rules by analyzing two recent Private Letter Rulings.

4 Jun 2015 | Values-Based | National Publication, Thomas M. Hubler | Article | 2 comments
A family business advisor shares his personal story

Author Tom Hubler continues his exploration of emotions in business, this time examining "Gratitude".

The Core Polarity in the Trustscape: Balancing the Trust Creator's Wishes and the Needs of the Beneficiaries
Dan Felix continues his exploration of "polarity thinking" as it applies to trusts. This installment discusses the need to balance the beneficiaries' needs with the grantor's wishes.
A Brief Introduction to Polarity Thinking
Contributing author Dan Felix broaches the new topic of Polarity Thinking and applies it to the trust environment. As you'll see, it will certainly open the eyes of charitable trustees as well.
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