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Many hosts ask us how they can customize their PGDC to better market their organization. Cleveland Foundation and Bolder Giving are great examples of clients with customized content. They are using our custom tab feature to include more personalized content on their PGDC site.

Want to personalize your PGDC more? Groups have the option of incorporating customized tabs/menu items into their PGDC. Customized tabs appear in the group navigation menu (just below the group name) as well as the group menu in the right sidebar.

Options for additional items are:

• About Us
• Blog
• Board News
• Contact Us
• Donate
• Events
• Forms
• Jobs
• News
• Newsletters
• Our Board
• Presentations
• Resources
• Sponsors
• Staff

Each tab/menu item can showcase one piece of information or a list of multiple content items. For example: About Us can include links to your mission statement, foundation history, staff bios and more. The Staff tab can be a single page displaying your staff list & bios.

When group news is added to your PGDC it is automatically shown on the group page. Now it can also be assigned to appear under the News tab. This is a great way to keep an archive of all the news that has been posted to your PGDC for members to access more easily.

If you have information that you would like to appear on your PGDC but doesn’t necessarily fall under one of the above categories we can create custom menu items to appear in the right sidebar. Examples of this would be donor stories, advisor testimonials or campaigns and initiatives.

Have questions or an idea? Email to explore the possibilities!

P.S. We will keep you informed as new tab options become available.

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