Marketing Co-op Zip Code System

The Marketing Co-op zip code system allows your PGDC website to automatically switch anyone within your marketing area that registers with the PGDC national site to your PGDC! We provide you with a sample welcome email you can customize. We then place it into the backend of your site; flip the switch and "poof," new members will be added to your site! 

The following are sample emails when a member is moved from PGDC USA to your PGDC site. The email can be as long or short, casual or formal, elaborate or simple as you would like. The email can come from your organization or our support team.

You can use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself, your organization, your services or simply explain the move from USA. Introductions can easily be made through a group news items once your members have been moved. Feel free to use parts of each letter or create your own. Email your final copy to and we will begin the process of moving your members. You can download a pdf version of these sample emails here.

Sample #1

Dear <NAME>:

As a member of the PGDC, I'm excited to write and welcome you to the Planned Giving Design Center website in your area now hosted by [ORGANIZATION].

Your membership has been switched from the national site to our PGDC site so we can better serve you on a local level. Like most PGDC hosts, we believe advisors are the gateway to many gifts that can help our community and country. Also, we believe the vast amount of information, calculations and other resources on the PGDC can assist you in your practice or mission, thereby, raising the bar on what we can achieve together.

Because you are now a member of our site, we can keep you abreast of what is going on in our community and at [ORGANIZATION] through our PGDC newsletter where you will now receive both national and local news. Along with your PGDC newsletter, we are here to help you help your clients give wisely.

Many people ask why the PGDC is free to all members. It is free because of the combined efforts of all PGDC hosts throughout the country. Without our financial commitment to host the PGDC, the PGDC could not exist. It is a unique business model designed for the good of all.

We can assist you with:

- Supporting organizations
- Donor advised funds
- Charitable gift annuities
- Charitable remainder trusts
- Charitable lead trusts
- Private foundation conversions
- And so much more...

Please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and thank you for being a part of the PGDC community.



Sample #2

Dear <NAME>,

I’m writing to inform you that [ORGANIZATION] is now hosting the Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC) site, and your complimentary PGDC membership has been moved to our hosted site.  I’d like to extend my welcome and thanks for your interest in philanthropy and planned giving.

The PGDC content is exactly the same as you’re used to.  In addition, you will find news and information related to [ORGANIZATION].  If you have any questions about [ORGANIZATION], please let me know.

We are pleased to be partnering with the philanthropic advisor community to promote planned giving.  Please let us know how we can help you provide value to your clients.



Sample #3

Dear <NAME>:

We are pleased to announce that [ORGANIZATION] is now hosting the Planned Giving Design Center for the [AREA] area. This will provide you with a local contact and keep you up to date on planned giving in your community.

As of today, your membership has been transferred directly to the [ORGANIZATION] Planned Giving Design Center site to ensure you continue to receive all of the information and benefits the PGDC provides. This change will not affect your username or password and everything is automatic. If you have bookmarked the USA site on your web browser, you may wish to change that bookmark to [].

We appreciate your involvement in the Planned Giving Design Center, as our 30,000+ members enhance the philanthropic community. If you experience any problems please contact us at


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