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The newsletter ad area is valuable real estate on the PGDC. Some of our hosts use this space for promoting programs, events, donors, advisors and other items. Ads can be displayed on your PGDC group page, banner, email newsletter or combination of these.

Here are examples of how some of our organizations are using this valuable space in their newsletter:

Maine Community Foundation

Maine Community Foundation uses the ad area to showcase their donors. The ads link to articles on their PGDC telling the story of each donor.


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

CCHMC uses their newsletter ad area to highlight many different things. They offer a link directly to the group page of their PGDC, information about their new building, articles on the various awards they’ve recently won and Stories of Hope & Giving.



Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University offers links not only to their sponsor but also to their affiliated schools and organizations, programs and funds.

Ads shown here are from the newsletter examples only. They are not displayed on the organizations PGDC group page, although that is an option.

You can showcase the same ads in the banner of your PGDC, on your group page or in the email newsletter. Or you can designate to only show certain ads in certain locations.

Ideas for ads are:

• Site sponsors
• Campaigns
• Donor Stories
• Advisor Testimonials
• Speaker Series
• Calendar Events
• Affiliate Organizations
• Awards
• Forms/Documents

If you would like to discuss the various ad options available on your PGDC, please contact

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