Personalize your PGDC newsletter

Did you know that we can add a personalized introduction to your PGDC newsletter?  Our valued client JCFLA added customized language to their newsletter.  It's easy to add new language to the introduction of your newsletter.  

Currently the “stock” intro message for your PGDC email newsletter is:

"As a member of the [Host Name] PGDC you are being sent this email to keep you up to date on the latest additions to the site."

PGDC hosts now have the option of personalizing the text to better suit your organization. The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles is a great example!  Read the introduction and see the screen shot of how it looks in their PGDC newsletter. 

"The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles is pleased to have you among our network of professional advisors, and we are proud to be your host of the Planned Giving Design Center (PGDC) online resource. As your local host of PGDC, The Foundation covers your membership, which is offered to you at no cost. As a member of the PGDC Community, you are receiving this e-mail to keep you up-to-date on the latest resources, articles, news, reports and other information. If you would like to review your clients' charitable giving options with one of The Foundation’s experts, or to learn more about The Foundation's other complimentary resources for Professional Advisors such as our annual Speaker Series, contact us at: (323) 761-8704 or or visit our website at"

If you would like to customize the email message for your PGDC newsletter, please contact

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