Sample PGDC Introductions

Many clients have asked about sample language to explain the Planned Giving Design Center on their home page.  Please see the following examples from various hosts/locations. (Items in blue would be linked to your PGDC.)

You can download a pdf version of these sample introductions here. Please add a comment below or email questions to

UPDATE: We now have a "Join Our PGDC" icon available for use on your homepage. Simply right click on the above image and save for your webmasters use.

Example #1

The Planned Giving Design Center is a national network of hosting organizations that proudly provide more than 30,000 members with timely, objective content on the subjects of charitable taxation and planned giving.  PGDC features an interactive repository of the latest news stories, feature articles, technical reports, case studies, calculators, presentations, rates and tables, sample forms, and discussion forums, all geared for the professional advisor community. This is a free online resource that we offer our professional advisors!

Click here to visit PGDC!

Example #2

We are pleased to provide you the Planned Giving Design Center, a free online service with tools to help you advise your clients about the benefits of charitable giving. It features:

  • Presentations and Charitable Calculator, an interactive calculator that assists you in determining the tax benefits of charitable gifts;
  • news alerts with concise summaries of the regarding the latest IRS pronouncements, court decisions and legislative developments affecting charitable taxation;
  • detailed commentaries on rulings, decisions and legislation; and
  • articles by nationally acclaimed experts about integrating planned giving techniques into a client's overall financial and estate plans.

Register for this free service today.

Already a subscriber to the Planned Giving Design Center?  Login to PGDC here.

Example #3

As [ORGANIZATION] partners with professional advisors and serves as a trusted philanthropic partner, we’re pleased to provide advisors with helpful resources, including access to the Planned Giving Design Center. This national online service offers timely information and assistance for legal, tax and financial professionals who develop philanthropic, financial and estate plans for their clients.

The Planned Giving Design Center can be accessed by registering once at [URL].

Subscribers can opt to receive e-mail news alerts, articles by nationally recognized tax and estate planning experts, and case studies on the tax benefits of charitable planned giving. In addition, sample fund agreements and a philanthropic gift calculator are available at the site.

See more at: [URL]

Example #4

Advisers can sign up for a complimentary membership to the Planned Giving Design Center, an informational resource on charitable giving law for professional advisers. The site offers authoritative, current information on charitable gift planning through:

  • News alerts to keep you up to date with concise summaries of IRS pronouncements, court decisions, legislative activity, and other information regarding charitable gift planning;
  • Presentations and charitable calculator that allows advisers to easily calculate the tax impact of a deferred gift. The calculation system is designed to help gift planning advisers calculate the exact amount of a charitable contribution deduction. 
  • Search function to give advisers access to numerous court rulings and private letter rulings; and much more!

Visit the Planned Giving Design Center and start taking advantage of all the benefits that it has to offer.

Example #5

We have developed some unique resources for professional advisors. The Planned Giving Design Center has been helping charitable organizations and for-profit philanthropic service providers cultivate relationships with professional advisors by providing the largest body of content, commentary and planning tools dedicated solely to the topic of charitable gift and estate planning and provides the latest ruling and tax information from the Federal Government. Join the email list today!

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