Alan Breus, Appraiser of Fine Arts, Rare Books and Documents

As one of the top estate appraisers in California, Alan advises and consults with universities, charities, brokerage firms and accounting firms in the areas of estate tax, insurance and non-cash related donations of fine art objects and insurance related financial instruments. Alan’s educational background includes degrees in Art History from The New School and Appraisal Studies from New York University, as well as advanced studies in Insurance, underwriting and financial planning. He is uniquely qualified to appraise donated life insurance policies.

Alan Breus, Appraiser of Fine Arts, Rare Books and Documents Features

    posted on 8 Jul 2014 | Article
    We don't often think that Emmys or Oscars may change hands, but there is a long history of these and other awards being sold, transferred or donated. Placing a value on these items is a challenging...
  • posted on 6 May 2014 | Group News
    In many cases the owner of rare memorabilia is unaware of the current market value of this significant estate asset thereby leaving the CPA, the estate planner and/or trust attorney in the dark. In...
    posted on 5 May 2014 | Group News
    On January 22, 2014 the University of Texas in Austin published:"J.D. Salinger may have led a private life, but even a century's time couldn't hide the extent of his talent. UT's...
  • posted on 5 May 2014 | Group News
    An area of concern for appraisers exists when, in searching the provenance of a painting, there are breaks in the chain of ownership. This issue should prompt the appraiser to consider the...
    posted on 5 May 2014 | Group News
    The pricing of a piece of art, an archive of documents or any artifact is a challenging affair. While much of the basis for pricing may be content driven or tied to the manner of expression the price...

Other news from Alan Breus, Appraiser of Fine Arts, Rare Books and Documents

  • posted on 5 May 2014 | Group News
    Why are there so many different types of appraisals? Do professional advisors requisition the correct appraisals to address the many unique legal and financial objectives? How can there be extremely...
  • posted on 4 May 2014 | Group News
    Appraised "fair market value" as defined by IRS Section 1.170 and 20.2031 (b) and Treasury Regulation Section 1.170A-13(c)(3)(1988) is "the price at which the property would change...
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The Breus Group Research Office
5000 Mac Arthur Blvd #9990
Oakland, CA 94613
United States
Phone: 408-660-7071



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