Arizona State University Foundation

The foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that raises and invests private contributions to Arizona State University. It is one of Arizona’s oldest nonprofits. Specifically, the foundation:

  • Facilitates and receives all contributions to ASU, including that from individuals, corporations, foundations, and any other private source
  • Coordinates and directs major fundraising campaigns on behalf of ASU
  • Oversees development efforts of ASU Enterprise Partners
  • Disburses contributions according to the expressed wishes of the donor
  • Oversees management of investment assets
  • Actively promotes a culture of philanthropy and generosity at ASU

Arizona State University Foundation Features

About Us

Through the ASU Foundation, generous donors help build and sustain Arizona State University.

Our Mission

To advance, through philanthropy, the success of Arizona State University as A New American University.

Our Vision

To become nationally recognized as the model for A New American University Foundation.

Our guiding principle

Financial support is best advanced by determining and aligning the motivations and aspirations of our investors with the university’s mission.

Our Values

  • We serve. We serve the faculty and staff of ASU to bring them resources so they can do all the great things that they do.
  • We engage. We engage our donors, philanthropists and investors, connecting them to ASU and helping them share their time, talent and treasure.
  • We innovate. We’re always looking for new ideas, new solutions, new approaches, and new ways to address the challenges facing ASU. 
  • When we serve, engage and innovate, it shows that we care — about faculty, staff, donors, fellow employees and other partners as we bring resources to ASU.


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ASU Fulton Center
300 E. University Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
United States
Phone: 480-965-3759
Fax: 480-727-9656



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