Strategic Restructuring at work: The Center for Working Families, Inc.

Strategic Restructuring at work: The Center for Working Families, Inc.

Group News posted in on 17 May 2017| comments
audience: Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta | last updated: 17 May 2017

Two are so much stronger than one. For years, The Center for Working Families and New Hope Enterprises have operated independently to help move disadvantaged individuals out of poverty by providing soft and hard skills training, connection to employment and other supportive services. The two partners noticed that they were often serving similar and occasionally the same individuals while offering complementary services. When New Hope Enterprises faced a change in leadership after the retirement of founder and long-time executive director, Angele Hawkins, the organization seized the moment to change its model.

The two nonprofits were excited about combining forces and the increased efficiencies, broader impact and specialization that a merger would offer. Fueled by a $100,000 grant from the Foundation’s Strategic Restructuring Fund, the two organizations merged to serve a broader footprint in Atlanta, including the Westside and Southside corridors. Meet The Center for Working Families, Inc. – the consolidated organization that will continue to aid those with employment barriers and challenges in underserved communities.

“It’s so exciting that these two organizations recognized the opportunity in front of them and had the vision and tenacity to pursue it. This is what our Strategic Restructuring Fund is all about. The merged organization will be even stronger than before and have an even bigger impact on those they serve,” said Lita Pardi, director, resource deployment, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

The next Strategic Restructuring Fund deadline is Friday, June 2. To learn more about The Center for Working Families, Inc. visit its website here.

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