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Our Services

Simple content posted in on 16 April 2014
audience: Daniel P Felix - The Professional Trustee | last updated: 16 April 2014
  • Replacement Trustee When the present trustee isn’t working out, and needs to be replaced.
  • Successor Trustee As a back up for the present trustee, we excel at making a smooth transition.
  • Insurance Trusts We have had great success with this unique trust, the ILIT.
  • Field Testing You’ve invested time & money for a great design from your learned estate planning attorney – AND the field conditions are unique: your family, your advisers, and YOU.  Will it fly?  Test it, while you are around to tweak it!
  • Co-Trustee When a trustee needs a co-equal to share decisions and the detailed work, or perhaps someone to take on all of one or the other.
  • Advising, Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring Whether for the trustee, the successor trustee, or the beneficiary, we help them do better.
  • Special Assets – Whether it’s the shares of the family business or art and other collections, our expertise in process and collaboration provides the foundation for successful administration.
  • Special Needs – Protecting the vulnerable with customized attention.
  • Transitional Bridge For those times when the ideal fiduciary solution has not yet been found, we can serve as fiduciary on an interim basis — and can even help in the search for the long term fiduciary.   We support decanting.
  • Trust Protector and other Fiduciary Roles We’re adept at serving in a variety of fiduciary positions: especially holder of the power of attorney for property, trust protector, living trust protector, and distribution trust advisor.

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