Experience the inner workings of nonprofits through our O&E Site Visitors Program

Experience the inner workings of nonprofits through our O&E Site Visitors Program

Group News posted in on 3 April 2017| comments
audience: Greater Worcester Community Foundation | last updated: 3 April 2017

To really understand the work of a nonprofit organization, nothing compares to a face-to-face visit, which is why we offer our Outreach & Education Site Visitors Program.

We assemble teams of community volunteers, accompanied by a GWCF staff member, to visit some of our grantees’ program sites. The goal is to learn about the organization, its success and challenges, and to observe its programs, especially those we fund. These personalized visits allow community members to have a better understanding of the nonprofits, their mission, and how they are benefiting the lives of those around them.

Our visits for 2017 have already begun, and our volunteers are being inspired by the great works happening in our community. After a recent visit, one attendee reported how surprised and impressed they were to discover the depth and breadth of service at just one agency. And another, after seeing program participants at a youth-serving agency, said, simply, that it was a “very uplifting experience.”

Many more visits are scheduled this spring and summer, and we will be looking for volunteers to take part. Join us in this great opportunity to see firsthand some of the outstanding organizations in our community, and to experience how our Foundation is having an impact on Worcester County.

For more information or to volunteer, please visit O&E Site Visitors Program.

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