Giving Advice Newsletters

Giving Advice Newsletters

Simple content posted in on 3 October 2013
audience: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving | last updated: 25 August 2015

In this newsletter, the Hartford Foundation interviews local professional advisors about how they've helped their clients using specific charitable planning tools.

Understanding the Hartford Foundation's Investment Objectives and Strategy, Spring 2015

An interview with Alison Grainger, Chief Investment Officer at the Hartford Foundation.

Taking advantage of the IRA Charitable Rollover, November 2013

An interview with Paul Mersereau, John Drew and Chris Drew of Drew & Mersereau, P.C. about how they are helping clients make use of the IRA Charitable Rollover in 2013.

Witnessing the Impact of Charitable Giving, December 2011

An interview with Christel Ford Berry of Ford Berry Associates about lifetime giving

Giving Today and Providing for Tomorrow, September 2011

An interview with Pullman & Comley, LLC's Morris Banks about charitable lead trusts

Life Insurance can be an Exclamation Point on a life of Giving, January 2011

An interview with Northwestern Mutual's William Gombatz and Stephen Whittemore

From Private Foundations to Public Giving: The Right Move?, October 2010

An interview with Frederick (Rick) Kaplan, tax partner at Blum Shapiro

An Interview with the Chairs, June 2010

An interview with John Wohler of J.H. Cohn LLP and three previous committee chairs

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