Our Professional Advisor Partners

Our Professional Advisor Partners

Simple content posted in on 6 February 2014
audience: Hartford Foundation for Public Giving | last updated: 19 August 2015

We are grateful to the many professionals who support the Hartford Foundation and connect their charitable clients to our resources.

The Foundation has the privilege of working with accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance professionals and others who work with their clients on charitable gift planning.

We recognize and especially thank those who have served on our board’s professional advisory committee.

Our Professional Advisor Partners

Ms. Vanessa Roberts Avery
Alfred R. Casella,Esq., JD
Jason W. Cohen, Esq., JD
Attorney Bernardo G. Cuadra
Mr. John W. Eckel, CFP, CFA
Attorney Christiana N. Gianopulos
Mrs. Suzanne S. Giuffrida
Attorney Shera G. Golder
Ms. Susan M. Grayson
Mr. William T. Johnson
Ms. Wendy Miller
Sheila S. Moses, CPA
Attorney Mark H. Neikrie
Attorney Mitzchka Basman Ortiz
R. Tracy Page CLU, CFP
Monique R. Polidoro, Esq.
Mr. Nelson J. Rodriguez
Mr. James G. Russell CPA
Attorney Sandra Sherlock-White
Michael Welch CPA/ PFS, JD, LLM
Stephen P. Whittemore, CLU, ChFC, CASL

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