August 2013 Client Newsletter

August 2013 Client Newsletter

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audience: PGDC Client Services | last updated: 23 September 2013
The new PGDC Marketing Co-op zip code system is now in place!  This allows your PGDC Website to automatically switch anyone within your marketing area that registers with the PGDC national site to your PGDC!  We provide you with a sample welcome email that you can customize. We then place it into the backend of your site; flip the switch and "poof," new members will be added to your site!  Check out our sample emails, send your final copy to and we’ll confirm your zip code coverage area and get started.  We will add the Marketing Co-op feature to client sites on a first come first serve basis. The faster you contact us with the revisions to your welcome email, the faster you will be developing relationships with new advisors and more planned gifts!  


We've updated our Marketing Your PGDC 2013 and it is comprehensive.  Take a look and see how it can help you reach more advisors in your area.  It includes special sections on reaching professional advisors: Identifying, Finding, Registering, Marketing and Sample Communications plus more. 


Did you know that some clients pay zero $ to host the PGDC?  They have sponsors who pay them to have their business or organization spotlighted on the PGDC.  Click here to browse our updated Sponsor Marketing Kit 2013.


We have one more updated tool in the bag for you - the Advisor Brochure.  If you would like an updated version of this customizable brochure to market the PGDC to advisors please email and request one.  And the best part is that it’s FREE. Let us know who the contact person should be and their phone number and email address.  You can preview the new layout here.


Use the above guides and tools to increase the leverage you gain by capturing the attention of and assisting more professional advisors with their charitable planning efforts.


P.S. Have you seen the new twenty-five minute video we have produced on working with professional advisors and how the PGDC reduces your work? Just go to and enter your email address. Email a link to the video to new staff members and others in your organization that want a quick overview of working with advisors and how we partner with you in your efforts.

Warm Regards,
The PGDC Team

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