Calendar Events

Calendar Events

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PGDC hosts have the option of including calendar events in their group news and the ability to offer sign-ups through the news item. The item will display all the necessary event information and include an option to sign-up while keeping a record for your admin on who is attending.

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions related to calendar events:

How much does it cost to offer event & sign-ups on the PGDC?
There is no cost to use the PGDC for events & sign ups.

How long does it take to set up an event?
PGDC can set up the item within 24 hours provided we have all the necessary information.

Is there a secure online credit card form?
PGDC does not accept payments for events. However if you have another source to accept payment we can include a link in the event information.

Is there any type of reporting?
There will be a record of all members that sign-up that your admin will have access to.

Are there any automated email receipts offered?
Members will receive a notification email when they sign-up and you have the option of customizing that message. We can also send out a reminder email prior to the event. If something happens and event details change, we can send out a broadcast email to all attendees that signed up through the PGDC.

Is there a limit to sign-ups?
Sign-up capacity is decided by your organization. If you need to set a limit to the number of attendees we can program the system to automatically end sign-ups once that number has been reached.

If you decide to use your PGDC for event sign-ups we will need the following information:

• Event details – date, time, location, etc
• Event Contact Person – name, email and phone number
• Sign-up Coordinator – email of person in charge of registrations if different from event contact person
• Is there an attendee limit, if so how many?
• Link to payment source, if applicable
• PDF or image files you would like included
• Email message for sign-up confirmation and who it should appear from
• Email message for event reminder, if you choose to send one. If so, how many days before the event would you like the reminder sent?

Please contact if you have additional questions or would like to discuss setting up an event for your organization.

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