Group News Ideas

Group News Ideas

Group News posted in on 12 January 2013| comments
audience: PGDC Client Services | last updated: 19 June 2013

The PGDC not only provides professional advisors in your community with vital information about planned giving; it also provides them with ongoing information about your organization and helps you to maintain an active relationship with them.

Utilizing the Group News section of the PGDC is a great way to communicate with your subscribers, and it can help you build relationships with your subscribers. For your convenience we will put up your news for you.  Simply email the item to and we'll be happy to add it for you!

Below is a list of possible news items our staff has compiled for your review:

  • Gifts you have received
  • Upcoming meetings and conferences, both local and national
  • Special event notices
  • Reviews of special events
  • Local advisor resources
  • Fundraisers, Campaigns, etc
  • Videos
  • Planned giving tips
  • Speakers Bureau - description and availability to speak at local meetings
  • New services your organization offers
  • Profile of new staff member
  • Profile of new board member
  • Profile of new donor
  • Employee of the month
  • Advisor of the month
  • Donor of the month
  • Volunteer of the month
  • Story about a grant your organization made or received
  • Complete listing of grants your organization administered in a given year
  • Status report about annual funds raised
  • Additional information included in your organization's newsletters and brochures that would apply to PGDC subscribers
  • Any item you have released through any other media (press release, news coverage, brochure, etc.)

You can also ask volunteers within your organization to write articles for this section.  Remember to email us articles for the Group News section.  If we know when news is posted on your home page (via RSS or email from you) we will add it to your PGDC. 

Let advisors know what is going on at your organization and in their community.  Group News is your opportunity to allow the Planned Giving Design Center to be a marketing powerhouse for your organization.

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