Important Confidential News for PGDC Hosts

Important Confidential News for PGDC Hosts

Group News posted in on 22 March 2013| comments
audience: PGDC Client Services | last updated: 21 April 2014


We've been very busy behind the scenes of your PGDC and the development of new capabilities has been extraordinary. In this article we explain what we have accomplished to help you cultivate even more advisor relationships! Note: This confidential article is being included in your custom newsletter because you are a PGDC hosting organization administrator and will not be included in the newsletters of your members.

Here are the details:

Increased Frequency of News
Nothing drives page views better that a well-written newsletter. We have increased the frequency of the PGDC newsletter to weekly and have hit that goal for the last twelve weeks!

New Presentations
PGDC members love using our Calculations to run the numbers and play what-if with specific client fact patterns. We can see it in the back-end of the PGDC. In addition to the Calculations that we have provided for many years, we have now added Presentations, which use PhilanthroTec's in-line calculation technology to allow our writers to create stories based on common fact patterns and solutions that can be modified for your members' clients, and then printed with your branding and contact information. Presentations are a great way to introduce potential donors to new planned giving concepts!

We are releasing new Presentations every few weeks to drive more relevant content that we know advisors are using. Simply click on Calculations at the top right of your PGDC and mouse over to Presentations on the menu. You will note that your members must be logged in to access them. We suggest you use a link to a Presentation in the newsletters you send outside the PGDC to drive new people to your site. If they want to access a Presentation, they must become a member. The system automatically invites them to do that by placing a registration form over the top of the Calculation or Presentation they are trying to run.

Staying Connected
Members are no longer automatically logged out when they leave the site. They must now log out by going to the footer of your PGDC. This accomplishes a few things: First, members are not frustrated because they have forgotten their password when trying to do things that require them to be logged in. These include running Calculations and Presentations, making comments on content, locating a professional, and more. Second, when your members are logged in and make comments, a link to their comment is shown on their profile page giving you the opportunity to see what they are commenting on. Since they will be logged in all the time, they will be more likely to share their thoughts.

The Invaluable Member Redirect
We have found that many of our members across all of our clients' sites will often use various search engines to find content on planned giving. Many times they will see content from the PGDC and click on the link. Since the search engines can only index the generic site and not your customized PGDC, the person was previously taken to the national site. This was not the desired result. Therefore, with a little creative programming, we have implemented a new Member Redirect feature that knows when the person clicking on the link is a PGDC member. The server then changes the URL from www to your URL and your member is "automagically" taken to your PGDC. We are in the process of testing this new feature with all of the major social networks and see no reason it will not work in exactly the same manner. We believe this new functionality will cause a considerable increase in page views over the next few months and will be reporting back to you with the results!

And the Results

The implementation of the above enhancements has already increased the average page views on the PGDC by 110% in just two months. We are very excited to see how these and other enhancements we are working on right now will multiply your traffic over the coming year.

Coming Soon: New PGDC Marketing Co-Op

Soon the days of you having to market your PGDC all by yourself will be a thing of the past. We have completed the design and programming of a new feature that will magnify the number of new members for our hosts. Since the site is the only version of the PGDC site found in the search engines by the general public (i.e., non-pgdc members), they are all directed to our generic national site for registration. This has always been the case since we began back in 1998.

We are pleased to announce we now have the capability to direct these new members who register in your area to your PGDC! Here's how it will work:

  1. A person links to the PGDC from a source such as a search engine or social network, reads content, and then decides to become a member.
  2. Each night the system will look up the new member's zip code and match it to the PGDC host in their area.
  3. If that host is you, the system will then send a customized marketing email welcoming them as a new member of your PGDC!

It's that simple. Expect to be calling a few new people to say "Hi" and start building new relationships!

More Robust PGDC Servers
Last but not least, we have increased our server capacity dramatically over the last two months to accommodate the site's new functionality and increased traffic. The servers we are using today are sixteen times larger than when we started in 1998. And we can now accommodate our future growth by simply increasing our server capacity in the "cloud."

Next Edition of the News
In the next client newsletter we will be discussing the roll-out schedule for the Marketing Co-op and other enhancements we are in the process of completing. Be looking for it soon!

Thank you for this opportunity to be of service in helping you to develop and cultivate your advisor relationships. As always, we encourage you to contact Client Support any time with any questions or suggestions you may have. Until next time ...

Warm Regards,
The PGDC Team

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