January 2014 Client Newsletter: Important PGDC news from Lee Hoffman

January 2014 Client Newsletter: Important PGDC news from Lee Hoffman

Group News posted in on 23 January 2014| comments
audience: PGDC Client Services | last updated: 23 January 2014

I’m sending this email to you today to bring you up to date on the recent progress we’ve made with your Planned Giving Design Center website and their benefits to you. I’m also going to talk about why there has never been a better time to work with professional advisors. I know this email is a little long, but hang in there with me. It will be worth the read.

Here are just a few things that you need to know about:

VERY IMPORTANT: If you have not sent us your customized advisor invitation so we can run our new member switcher you are missing out on an opportunity to have advisors transferred from our national site to your site for free. Contact Nancy Fisher in client services at nancy.fisher@pgdc.com if you missed our last email to you.  The email included sample letters you can customize. As soon as we receive it we can schedule your switch. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your members at no marketing cost.

EXCITING: We are launching a new program to increase the amount of highly relevant, exclusive content on your PGDC. The new program is called the “Contributing Author Program.” We are inviting twenty-five highly regarded professional advisors to write relevant content four times a year in exchange for their own page on the PGDC. They will be listed under the “Community > Groups” menu of your site. This is an exceptionally simple barter arrangement where the authors can receive the recognition they deserve for their expertise and in exchange we can increase the educational content on the site advisors cannot find elsewhere. The obvious benefit to you is that your advisors will spend more time on the site learning, the PGDC’s position on the search engines will be even higher, which will bring in new advisors, which we can switch to your PGDC through our new switcher if they are in your area.

If you have members of your PGDC whom you feel are highly competent and have authored content on planned giving please let us know immediately. It’s a great opportunity for an advisor in your area to be recognized as an expert and a great opportunity for you to develop a better relationship with that advisor by referring them. Just send me an email at lee.hoffman@pgdc.com with a subject like Contributing Author Recommendation. Please do not hit reply to this email.

For a long time now I’ve been studying all of the reports that have been released on donors increasingly seeking the advice of their advisors rather than the nonprofits (a 102% increase in just the last six years). This phenomenon will continue and escalate. Here is the problem. Few advisors really understand planned giving or the discussion of philanthropy with their clients. Since advisors will not bring up a subject they do not understand (only 6% started the conversation according to the 2012 Giving USA report), many potential donors are not receiving the advice they need to fulfill their personal philanthropic objectives. We are going to help combat this on your PGDC by concentrating on three high level content categories. They are:

  1.     Planned Gift Opportunity Recognition
  2.     Technical Mastery
  3.     The Client Conversation About Their Philanthropy

By concentrating on these three content categories we can assist advisors regardless of their level of expertise. As an example, if the advisor simply knows that a low basis asset that is producing little income can be transferred to a CRT and all of the obvious benefits that provides, they can come to you for assistance on completing the gift. Once they have become comfortable with the three categories above, together we can eliminate many advisor from the tens of thousands that are not fully advising their clients regarding their philanthropy.

We are looking forward to a very good 2014. The environment for philanthropy is right. Please contact us with any questions and comments. And by all means, send us content your advisors need to know about your organization so we can publish it on your PGDC.


Lee Hoffman
Planned Giving Design Center, LLC
704.340.6656 (personal mobile)

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