October 2013 Client Newsletter

October 2013 Client Newsletter

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This month we have a lot of resources to help you reach advisors and promote your organization and PGDC.  In this issue we'll tell you about a new advisor PowerPoint presentation, new ad spaces available, customization options & more!

Need a quick & concise summary to explain the PGDC to your advisors? We have a new PowerPoint presentation that can be branded to your organization. You can use this in pieces or all together to show your advisors what the Planned Giving Design Center is all about.  Check out the presentation and let us know if you’d like your own branded copy.

We want to increase the opportunity for you to emphasize your sponsors, campaigns, awards or testimonials.  We now have 3 new ad spaces available on your PGDC site. Click here to see all the ad placement options.

Along with the new ad placements options, we have new graphics available for Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn ads. And, if you are thinking about updating your homepage we have sample PGDC introductions as well as a new Join Our PGDC icon available.

There are many ways that we can enhance your PGDC to be more tailored to your organization. We can add custom pages & menus, social media, anchored links, video and much more. Click here for a detailed list of all your customization options.

Have you contacted us yet about the Marketing Co-Op? We are going to program your zip code territory in the back end of the PGDC so that anyone coming to the national site via search engines will be automatically switched to your local PGDC. Many hosts have increased their membership by 20+ members. Click here for all the details.

Please remember there are no additional fees for incorporating any of these options. We are here to support your PGDC, just let us know how we can help! Simply email support@pgdc.com with your requests and we’ll take care of the rest – it’s that easy!

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