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This Group is designed to provide information and resources to support Group Managers of PGDC hosting organizations.

FAQ for Group Managers

Frequently Asked Questions about managing your PGDC group. Please post a comment if a topic is not clear, or contact Client Services with any new questions not covered in this section.

PGDC Client Services Features

  • posted on 2 Sep 2014 | Group News
    Our developers have added an incredible new feature to your Planned Giving Design Center website: geolocation. Geolocation is the most significant technical advance in the PGDC since we launched the...
    posted on 23 Jan 2014 | Group News
    I'm sending this email to you today to bring you up to date on the recent progress we've made with your Planned Giving Design Center website and their benefits to you. I'm also going to...
    posted on 23 Oct 2013 | Group News
    This month we have a lot of resources to help you reach advisors and promote your organization and PGDC.  In this issue we'll tell you about a new advisor PowerPoint presentation, new ad...
    posted on 29 Aug 2013 | Group News
    You are receiving this email because your organization is a Planned Giving Design Center host.  Please read this exciting August 2013 Client Services Newsletter. 
    posted on 22 Mar 2013 | Group News
    We've been very busy behind the scenes of your PGDC and the development of new capabilities has been extraordinary. In this article we explain what we have accomplished to help you cultivate even...

Other news from PGDC Client Services

    posted on 29 Jan 2013 | Group News
    Looking for ways to promote your PGDC ? Provide a Professional Advisor Brochure to potential members you come in contact with.
    posted on 12 Jan 2013 | Group News
    The PGDC not only provides professional advisors in your community with vital information about planned giving; it also provides them with ongoing information about your organization and helps you to...
    posted on 11 Jan 2013 | Group News
    Have something important that you want members to see more often? Take advantage of anchored links in the sidebar of your group page. These links appear in the sidebar regardless of what page a...
    posted on 10 Jan 2013 | Group News
    Did you know that we can add a personalized introduction to your PGDC newsletter?  Our valued client JCFLA added customized language to their newsletter.  It's easy to add new language...
    posted on 5 Jan 2013 | Group News
    PGDC hosts have the option of including calendar events in their group news and the ability to offer sign-ups through the news item. The item will display all the necessary event information and...
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