The New PGDC Enterprise Edition

The New PGDC Enterprise Edition

Simple content posted in on 19 May 2011
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Develop Relationships with Charitable Gift Planning Advisors

It’s a known fact that donors are increasingly asking their advisors for assistance with their philanthropy.  That is why the PGDC, the world’s largest community of planned giving professionals, has developed a new, advanced Internet resource exclusively for charitable giving organizations and their advisors. 

Increase Visibility of Your Organization to our Advisors

It's important to note that our PGDC community includes the top practitioners in the industry: attorneys, accountants and CPA's, financial and estate planners, investment advisors, trust officers, life underwriters appraisers, development and planned giving officers, and more. Many of the people with whom you want to build relationships.

Taking Your Organization’s Charitable and Estate Planning Web Presence to the Next Level

We create an exclusive enterprise website for your organization on the Planned Giving Design Center. This  website is branded to your organization and includes custom content and relationship management applications.  You simply link to it from appropriate locations on your own website to generate the greatest interest.

  • We continuously update news from the IRS, courts, congress and throughout the world of planned giving, and add other resources to the thousands of pages of existing content on charitable gift and estate planning.
  • Our staff adds national news, articles, case studies, technical reports and other relevant information to keep your site fresh. 
  • PGDC Groups continuously add content from some of the best minds in the field of charitable financial and estate planning.
  • Your staff customizes your site further by adding relevant content for your advisors. For example: gift acceptance policies, your own marketing materials, events, and much more.
  • Content that you post to your PGDC can be appended to the national PGDC Newsletter and emailed to all your advisors with your custom graphics, colors, our national content and your content you want to display in the newsletter. In addition, you can create your own newsletters with only your content and send them whenever you desire.

Exclusive Primary Membership

When an advisor registers with your PGDC website, it becomes their PGDC home. When they log in, they go to your PGDC.  Furthermore, all communication from the PGDC is customized with your content and branded with your organization.

To help you get started, we can bulk register all of your advisors so they can access your PGDC immediately. In addition, we email advisors in your area that are currently members of our national site and ask them if they would like to make your PGDC their home so they have the “on the ground” expertise of your organization and local news and content.

Marketing Benefits

An organization that purchases a PGDC Enterprise site has its own custom domain. Your organization is the PGDC to your advisor members.

PGDC Enterprise helps you brand your organization

Enterprise newsletters are customized and branded with your organization’s name and logo. In addition, your organization’s news is displayed at the top above all national news on the front page (the Dashboard).  

PGDC Enterprise helps you expand your access to centers of influence

  • You can market your PGDC worldwide with no geographic restrictions. In fact, we help you by presenting your PGDC to members of the national PGDC network with whom you might have no prior relationship. All they need to do is check one box to join your group and gain access to your unique content and receive the information you wish to share with them in their customized newsletter.
  • In addition, Enterprise sites can have their own sub-groups for internal use or for supporting orgs, local associations (i.e. planned giving councils or estate planning councils) or other organizations affiliated with your organization. These groups can be public or private.
  • PGDC Enterprise gives you added flexibility and control
    • Place ads for sponsors and others
    • Prominently display your news on the front page of PGDC, LLC

Web Services

We know your time is valuable. Our PGDC Web Services team will build your new PGDC and train you how to use it.  We provide how-to instructions on the administration of your site.  If you need help from time-to-time to post content such as news, special announcements, we are here do if for you.  You'll be amazed at what Web Services can do in an hour.

Client Support and Services

You and your staff will be registered with our private PGDC Client Services group. Our team will keep you up to date on new features as they are developed through our Support Newsletter. You’ll have access to new information on how to accomplish various tasks and use new tools in your group.  Support is always available and we will reply within 24 hours. 

Getting Started

What is the process to get a PGDC Enterprise site up and running quickly?

  1. Review and agree to our Terms of Service.
  2. Make the appropriate payment to Planned Giving Design Center, LLC
  3. Provide us with all contact information for appropriate staff at your organization
  4. Web Services and Client Services will contact you for the additional information (e.g., logo, staff photos) needed to build your Enterprise site and Enterprise group.
  5. Review and approve your initial site with web services
  6. Approve launch date
  7. Add additional content to your Enterprise group
  8. Launch!

Please call us today so we can answer any questions or for a private consult and GoToMeeting presentation. Begin building your PGDC Enterprise site immediately.

Contact Nancy Fisher

Director of Client Services
Office 704-698-4055

Planned Giving Design Center
Cultivating relationships between Charities and Advisors since 1998

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