Personalized Philanthropy and the Four Donors

Personalized Philanthropy and the Four Donors

Simple content posted in on 23 September 2014
audience: Steven L. Meyers, Ph.D. | last updated: 23 September 2014

Steven Meyers has serialized his booklet, Personalized Philanthropy and the Four Donorsinto six articles for financial advisors to provide insights for their clients and those interested in personalizing their philanthropy.

If you would like to have co-branded copies of the printed booklet, Personalized Philanthropy and the Four Donors, for your clients/donors, please contact me at

To download a print-friendly version of the entire series click here.

Dear Reader,

If you enjoy(ed) the series on the 4 donors, or even if you haven't, please let me know your thoughts about it at The opening note points out that at first blush the 4 donors might be confusing, because it attempts to solve a problem that many people (donors, gift officers, advisors) don't know they have. How (donors) can we arrange our gifts in such a way that our recognition and impact can begin now? Does it really have to be deferred or denied during our lifetime? Is it wrong or even wicked of us to seek this gratification in our lifetime. Basically, are you "in" or "out"? In fact, we didn't even know we could ask that question or any questions at all.  So in an important sense we are, each one of us, a donor "who does not know who to ask." How can philanthropy help lead us beyond the hierarchy of just ourselves, however enlightened, to thinking and consideration of the wider community beyond ourselves. Please share your thoughts on the series and on the dilemma it attempts to confront. 

With greatest appreciation,


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