Simplify Your End of Year Giving

Simplify Your End of Year Giving

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audience: YouthBridge Community Foundation | last updated: 5 December 2018

With the start of the giving season, you are likely seeing an uptick in appeals for charitable donations. With so many worthy causes, how can you best organize your giving to make it easier for you and eliminate the hassle of tracking down all those receipts?

A donor-advised fund can be the solution to more thoughtful, organized giving. Also known as a charitable giving account, a donor-advised fund (DAF) lets you create a single fund for all your charitable giving. You simply open your fund with one lump sum donation, using cash or other assets. (More information is available here.)

Once your DAF has been established, you can take your time to consider which charities are most meaningful to you, and make grants from your fund anytime you feel ready to give. Best of all you have a single receipt for the donation you made into your DAF and you make your grants using our online portal; we issue all the checks to the charities on your behalf!  One donation, one statement. And the freedom to give when, how much, and to whomever you want.

YouthBridge can work with you or your financial advisor to establish the fund in time for the December 31 tax deadline.

Setting up a Donor Advised Fund:

  • We can accept new account documentation at our office until the close of business on December 31, via traditional mail postmarked by December 31 or via email dated by December 31.
  • For DAF’s funded with noncash assets or that will be managed by the client/donor’s personal investment advisor, please submit the new account documentation by December 14 (or sooner if possible).

Contributing to a Donor Advised Fund:

  • Check – will be accepted at our office until the close of business on December 31 or via traditional mail postmarked by December 31
  • Credit card – transactions must be completed by midnight on December 31
  • Marketable Securities – the transfer must be completed by midnight on December 31. Your custodian operations team has control over the transfer of assets so please verify their processing deadlines for year-end activities.
  • Other assets (including mutual funds) – as these assets are generally more difficult to transfer, we recommend starting the process by December 3. Please contact us for assistance.

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