Book Review: The Complete Guide to Planned Giving by Debra Ashton

Book Review: The Complete Guide to Planned Giving by Debra Ashton

Article posted in Practice on 25 May 2004| comments
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For the last five years or so, Gift-PL (the email listserv operated by the National Committee on Planned Giving) has periodically included a discussion thread asking if anyone knew when the latest edition of Debra Ashton's book, The Complete Guide to Planned Giving, would be released. The anticipation and speculation was intense. Well, it's here and Debra has allowed us to give you a peak behind the cover.
The Complete Guide to Planned Giving

After reading The Complete Guide to Planned Giving, we discovered what all the fuss was about--Debra Ashton provides a no-holds-barred look at everything a planned giving officer needs to know to start and manage a successful planned giving program. It's not only a must have for anyone new to or considering a career in planned giving, but for seasoned pros as well. And although she is speaking to planned giving officers, this book is just as valuable to advisors who work with nonprofits and desire a better understanding of the challenges of institutional planned giving and its culture.

Debra writes in a style as if she is sitting across the table with a cup of Espresso (not decaf) distilling her 25 years of practical experiences into 545 pages. The only thing you miss is her wonderful Bostonian accent.

The following excerpt contains the:

  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter I-2, The Role of the Board of Trustees, and
  • Index

Download: The Complete Guide to Planned Giving [PDF-194KB]

For further information about The Complete Guide to Planned Giving, go to:

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