From the Editor in Chief: Where We Are Headed

From the Editor in Chief: Where We Are Headed

Article posted in General on 21 October 2014| 1 comments
audience: National Publication, Two Hawks Consulting, LLC | last updated: 22 October 2014

I was privileged to know Marc Hoffman for a number of years. He was astute, insightful, articulate and talented. He helped mold the Planned Giving Design Center into what it is today. His untimely passing is indeed a tragedy that touches many, including the readership of this publication. I have no intention of attempting to replace Marc, except to fill the role which he so capably filled. I have my own style, my own experiences and my own viewpoint.

There are major forces at work that are shaping the future of planned giving: the aging baby boomer population triggering the inter-generational transfer of wealth; the preference of donors to have their giving conversation with their advisors, rather than charities; the proliferation in the number of non-profits concurrent with the de-emphasis on planned giving at all but the largest institutions; the lack of well-trained advisors and the difficulty in acquiring the necessary training; and the ever changing tax and economic environment. The list seems endless but, in a way, that is good because we have a lot to discuss. And discuss it we will. I have been very busy recruiting authors who are subject matter experts so that we can continue to provide original and vital content regularly. I comb the web every day seeking interesting events, ideas, and articles for our Heard on the Web section. I’ll be attending several of the major conferences and reporting on the content that is critical to your future success.

Technologically, there have been major changes taking place at the PGDC. Most importantly, geolocation has been made real which means that every host will “own’ their market territory exclusively. Since the PGDC is the most searched planned giving site on the web, every local click will be directed to the local host. You can’t pay enough for that amount of SEO primacy. There will be continued technological enhancements, most of which you won’t see but you will benefit from.

I am privileged and humbled to be in this seat and hope to lead the PGDC to the next level and then the one after. Hope you enjoy the journey.  

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Re: From the Editor in Chief: Where We Are Headed

Wishing you luck and enjoyment on this journey for all of our benefit. I remember when this site started and I then realized how significant the internet really was. This site brought together some of the brightest minds in this charitable giving area and made it instantaneously available to all while having local sponsors pay for it. Wow, we go awesome content for free and geography was almost irrelevant. Glad to see that it is still intended to go strong after all these years. The late 80's and some of the 90's were the planned giving hey day, and I believe it may be coming back to some extent. Thanks for helping us along as we throw off the rust.

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