Exempt Organizations Update

Exempt Organizations Update

News story posted in Exempt Organizations Update on 17 May 2012| comments
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The IRS has released Issue 2012-9 of Exempt Organizations Update.

Issue Number:    2012-9


  1.  EO redesigns homepage on IRS.gov

EO reorganized its homepage into eight categories based on what most visitors want to know. Comments? Questions? Please send your feedback to Customer Education & Outreach’s mailbox.

  2.  Holly Paz named Director, EO R&A

Holly Paz was formally named as Director of Exempt Organizations (EO) Rulings and Agreements (R&A) effective May 6.  She is responsible for managing EO’s determination letter program and the development of guidance and rulings.

  3.  May 30 EO webinar: Starting and Operating Charities for Disaster Relief

This webinar explains the basic requirements for staring a tax-exempt charity and the ways new and existing organizations can properly provide disaster relief under federal tax rules.

It will cover:

  • the kinds of help organizations can provide
  • operational and recordkeeping requirements including fundraising and working with volunteers
  • rules for recipients of disaster relief
  • the deductibility of charitable contributions made to organizations

The live presentation will be 2 p.m., Wednesday, May 30.  Click here to register.

In early June, this presentation will be posted on the IRS Video Portal - where you can also view these EO webinars:

  4.  IRS seeks applications for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program grants

The Internal Revenue Service is accepting applications for the Tax Counseling for the Elderly and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance grant programs, which will allow some organizations to apply for annual funding for up to three years.

  5.  Information for employers on health care benefits reporting

New information is available on the Form W-2 Reporting of Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage page of IRS.gov. This information includes a chart detailing the types of coverage to report, transition relief for many employers and questions and answers about the reporting requirements.

  6.  News for enrolled agents awaiting renewal cards

Some enrolled agents are still experiencing delays in the processing of renewal applications. Enrollment cards with an expiration date of March 31 are valid for another 60 days or until receipt of a new card. Search Delay for some enrolled agents awaiting renewal cards on IRS.gov for additional information.

  7.  Telephone Excise Tax refund deadline July 27

Announcement 2012-16 reminds taxpayers to request a Telephone Excise Tax Refund if they have not done so.  The Service stopped collecting the tax on long distance service in 2006. Since then it has administered a simplified procedure for taxpayers to request a refund of excise taxes paid. Taxpayers have until July 27, 2012 to request refunds.

  8.  TEB to host two free telephone forums

The office of Tax Exempt Bonds (TEB) plans to host two free telephone forums.

Compliance rules related to arbitrage and rebate
May 17, 2 p.m. ET
Register online.  A PDF of a PowerPoint presentation of the topics to be discussed will be available here on or before May 17.

Examination process
June 7, 2 p.m. ET:
Register online.  A PDF of a PowerPoint presentation of the topics to be discussed will be available here approximately one week before the forum.

For more information, go to Tax Exempt Bonds Community on IRS.gov.

If you have a technical or procedural question relating to Exempt Organizations, visit the Charities and Nonprofits homepage on the IRS.gov Web site.

If you have a specific question about exempt organizations, call EO Customer Account Services at 1-877-829-5500.

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