PGDC Contributing Author - Bruce DeBoskey, Philanthropic Strategist

PGDC Contributing Author - Bruce DeBoskey, Philanthropic Strategist

News story posted in General on 28 October 2014| 1 comments
audience: National Publication, Bruce DeBoskey, Philanthropic Strategist | last updated: 29 October 2014

The Planned Giving Design Center is pleased to welcome new contributing author, Bruce DeBoskey, Philanthropic Strategist. Bruce currently serves as the principal of the DeBoskey Group helping individuals and families, businesses and foundations organize, strategize and maximize the impact of their philanthropic initiatives. He writes a weekly column for the Sunday Denver Post and is currently serving as Co-Dean of Philanthropy for the Purposeful Planning Institute. Bruce will bring his unique perspective to the PGDC.

Join Bruce's group to receive all of his thinking. Just click here to go to Bruce's group and then click JOIN in the right side menu of his page.

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Re: PGDC Contributing Author - Bruce DeBoskey, Philanthropic ...

You have accomplished some wonderful things in your life, Mr.DeBoskey. Shall the wind howl and not be heard?

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