Special Announcement: Trusts & Estates to Share Articles on the PGDC

Special Announcement: Trusts & Estates to Share Articles on the PGDC

Article posted in General on 24 April 2006| comments
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The Planned Giving Design Center endeavors to bring you the very best in original content and articles from leading publications on topics of interest to charitable gift planners. We are very pleased to announce that Trusts & Estates, the journal of wealth management, has graciously agreed to share selected articles from this highly acclaimed journal for publication on the PGDC.

Trusts and Estates

Trusts & Estates, the journal of wealth management, is the how-to manual for advisors to high-net-worth individuals, families, and foundations. Published since 1904 by Prism Business Media, Trusts & Estates publishes the works of the top practitioners in estate planning, trusts, insurance, charitable planning, and other wealth-management disciplines.

Wealth Management Resource Guide

In addition to sharing selected articles with PGDC readers free of charge, Trusts & Estates has made a special offer for interested PGDC members and institutions who are interested in being listed in its annual "Wealth Management Resource Guide." The guide will be published in print form in December 2006 and distributed to over 11,000 Trusts & Estates subscribers nationwide. In addition, an electronic version is updated monthly. The normal cost for inclusion in the guide is $350; however, PGDC members can be listed through this special offer for only $150.

Download: Wealth Management Resource Guide Application (PDF) for further information.

Philanthropy Yearly Review and Directory

Once a year the editors of Trusts & Estates publish a supplement that offers a unique perspective on the state of charitable giving. Published this coming June, this year's issue focuses on setting straight some of the myths and solving some of the common challenges that surround charitable organizations.

Download: Philanthropy Yearly Review and Directory(PDF) for further information and sponsorship opportunities.

Subscribing to Trusts & Estates

We also hope you will take a few minutes to visit the Trusts & Estates website and consider subscribing to this valuable resource. Annual subscribers not only receive 12 printed issues of the Trusts & Estates, they also receive the Trusts & Estates E-Letter and gain electronic access to over 19 years of archived back issues. Click here to subscribe

Today we publish our first article from Trusts & Estates entitled "Stretch This" by Christopher R. Hoyt. Please join us in welcoming Trusts & Estates to the PGDC family.

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