Why is Fundraising Fun?

Why is Fundraising Fun?

Article posted in General, Practice on 2 April 2014| comments
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by Lee Hoffman

Why is what we do FUN?

I received a LinkedIn post yesterday posted by Oliver Welty, CFRE. The post linked to Arthur C. Brooks op-ed in the New York Times. The title was simply "Why Fund-Raising is Fun". I encourage you to read the entire article. It's a good read for anyone in our business. Much of the article is about people feeling good when they give. As I read, this paragraph stood out.

“Why? Charitable giving improves what psychologists call “self-efficacy,” one’s belief that one is capable of handling a situation and bringing about a desired outcome. When people give their time or money to a cause they believe in, they become problem solvers. Problem solvers are happier than bystanders and victims of circumstance.”

If giving improves “self-efficacy,” then those of us involved in planned giving and charitable estate planning should be some of the happiest people on earth. Why? We are philanthropic advisors to our clients and donors. By advising in this field we allow others to leverage their giving using all the means Congress has provided over the years. Not only may the size of their gift be leveraged, but their happiness as well.

In retrospect, it’s why I opted to leave the financial services industry thirty-five years ago to assist others interested in entering the planned giving field. It makes me happy. So from this day forward when someone asks me what I do for a living I’m simply going to tell them “I’m the guy who helps people be happy by making other people happy.” I developed the idea for my way to explain what I do by reading Michael Port's book, Book Yourself Solid, a must read for anyone who wants higher quality and more donors and clients.  The PGDC is filled with happiness. So research, learn and spread happiness!

Read the entire article and see if there is a paragraph that has meaning for you. A reason you’re in the field of advising on philanthropy.

Does advising on planned giving make you happy? Why did you enter the field? Have you found it fulfilling? Give me your thoughts below in a comment.

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