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The case: 

Louise is a retired nurse who has made regular semi-annual contributions to the Happy Nurse Foundation for several years. Now in her early 80s, she lives alone in a small home which she has owned for 40 years. Her income consists of a modest pension and interest from $75,000 worth of investments. 

After receiving information from the Happy Nurse Foundation about endowed gifts, Louise contacts the foundation office and says that she would like to contribute $50,000 to establish an endowment in her name to assist with the education of nurses who are new to community practice.

This gift would serve a need, and would also set an example and possibly inspire others to provide similar generous gifts. However, you the fundraiser are concerned about Louise donating so much of her savings. Louise insists that she understands what she is doing, that she can afford to make this gift and that she has discussed this with her sister who has also made a similar contribution to another organization. 

Would you acknowledge that Louise knows what she is doing and accept the gift? Or would you refuse the gift? Or is there a third possible approach here?

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