Is unemployment regulations to strict or is it designed for failure?

Is unemployment regulations to strict or is it designed for failure?

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          I Recently had talked with a person on unenployment and his outlook was bright but but help was next to failing. This man has worked for years and years with next to no assistance from anyone. This is a proud man that rather do it on his own then ask for assistance and he preferd it that way. He never really need it it said. He was let go from his job and  needed help. He needed help with the Neworks site and recieved less then par assistance. he stated it was not very user friendly and was very frustraited. he sent emails and and made lots of phone calls just for help with the site. unanswered emails and 40 minute waits on the phone holding for them to give a lot of attitude and rudeness.  The gentilman said they treated him like he was trying to scam the system or like he wanted to be on unemployment telling the lady on the phone believe me i don't want to be on unemployment as much as you don't want to talk to me. This man Had been off work since november 16th and its now the 17th of january. Has recieved no benefits no help whats so everhe said ''I even was turned down for the food stamp card He  his wife has been  paying everything for 2 months and they are quickly sinking. his unemployment hasn't even been aproved yet. He    told me he Just cant understand. why he has to go over 2 months with out any help. he told me his father and brother were a millitary men and his wifes dad, Purrple Hart vietnam vet who past away a few months back, and brother, and sister had also served our country and the whole family proud suporters  and involved in the comunity  and the governent can't help him and his family in there tough times, yet  his chin was up and still pushing forward, but has nothing nice to say about the unemployment system. Makes me ashamed of our government. I know why its this way, but should this man have to Go through that?

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