8283: Who is charity in this situation?

8283: Who is charity in this situation?

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HI All, I have a question about 8283 and a CRT funded with real property. The situation is: 1. Donor sets up CRT naming my charity as irrevocable beneficiary. 2. The CRT was funded with real property. 3. The trustee of the CRT is a friend of the donor. 4. Charity finds out later that the trust was executed without its knowledge. Effectively the charity had no idea this was happening. Who signs the 8283 as the "charity?" Or is it necessary for any "charity" to sign? Thank you, Adam Davidow UC Santa Cruz

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You should better consult a lawyer
I am not an expert in these matters but I think the best person who can answer these questions is an attorney or person who studies law.
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Who is the charity?
The 8283 should have been signed by the Appraiser and the trustee. You are off the hook.
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