Additional contributions to CRUT

Additional contributions to CRUT

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"The annotations note that if an additional contribution is made to an existing charitable remainder unitrust and the contribution does not satisfy the 10% test of section 664(d(2)(D) the contribution is treated as a transfer to a separate trust under section 664(d)(4)." --re: IRS - Sample CRUT Inter Vivos (single life) 2005--
My CRUT from 2001 has similar language in one of its paragraphs, yet other paragraphs give the trustee (me) power to add to the trust at any time and without limitation. Intuitively it would seem that almost any contribution to the CRUT now in its eighth year would satisfy the 10% test; that this might become an issue only much later on in the CRUT's existence. But I would like to find a worksheet for this or some examples of the 10% test computation. -trustea

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