Art Donation by Artist

Art Donation by Artist

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Can someone please remind me of the tax-deductibility of a gift of artwork by the artist? Assuming it's given for a related use, and it is appraised, is the gift deductible at the FMV? If you happen to know, please point me to the IRS publication that covers this. Thanks.

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Gifts of Artwork and Taxes.
Unfortunately, Jane, Artists cannot deduct the value of their donated work. I have a client information bulletin that explains this. If you (or anyone) would like a copy, write to me at
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Art Donation by Artist
Jane, if the work of art is considered inventory, then, according to IRS Publications 561 (see link below, page five) and 526 (page 10), it is essentially deductible at the cost basis of the work. Also see an interesting article at:
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