Can a CRT be an "Accredited Investor?"

Can a CRT be an "Accredited Investor?"

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A CRT with less than $5 Million in assets wishes to invest in something (Bank Sub Debt) which requires the investor to be an "Accredited Investor." The Trustee of the CRT is certainly an "Accredited Investor." The bank says the CRT is not an "Accredited Investor" and refuses to accept the CRT's investment. I think the bank is wrong. Does anyone have any authority on this question? Thank you, Rene J Neyrey

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Can a CRT be an "accredited investor"?
I can't answer that question, but even IF the CRT could be an accredited investor, the Trustee should consider whether such an investment would fit within the the state's Prudent Investor Rules.
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Can a CRT be an "Accredited Investor?"
Did you ever get a final answer to your question about a CRT being able to be considered an Accredited Investor? I've been researching a related question, and I believe there may be some wiggle room to consider such entities Accredited Investors. Please let me know if you've done any further research. Thx, Tim
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Accredited Investor
Here is the SEC's definition: Trust need to have assets of $5M+ in order to be accredited. Hope this helps, Mary Beth Healy
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